What causes bleeding in early pregnancy?

I am currently nine weeks pregnant, but I’ve been spotting from the beginning, and recently the bleeding became heavier. I went to my gyno last week, and she said the baby is growing well and nothing to worry about and put me on progesterone. The bleeding has since gotten slightly worse, but no pains except for very, very mild period pains here and there. I went to the GP, and she can not find any infection and sent me for HCG blood works and bed rest. My question is 1) Has anyone ever experienced the same. What was it like and when did the bleeding stop, and did you go on to have a full-term pregnancy? 2) How long does progesterone take to start working?


I bled through my first trimester. I would spot for a couple days, then I’d be fine, then it’d come back. One day it was heavier than normal so I went to the ER scared I was having a miscarriage (no pain though). Turns out it was just a blood clot. They put me on pregnancy-safe antibiotics for a week and NO sex for 10 days. Bleeding stopped after that. My child is now 5 and perfectly healthy. The only thing I’m concerned about for you is the cramps you’re having. I’d definitely keep getting checked. But good luck Mama! I hope everything turns out well for you and your little one❤️

I had bleeding early on with my now 6 year old son, first born. My progesterone was dangerously low. It should have been 10+ and was at 1.6. I highly recommend not having sex until 12+ weeks when the placenta starts producing its own progesterone. You don’t want to aggravate your cervix. Try to relax as best as you can. Drink your water. My bleeding started around 6-7 weeks and got better around like 8-9 weeks.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes bleeding in early pregnancy?

Could be a subchorionic hematoma blood clot.

I spotted a lot with my 2nd son. They said my placenta was low. It “moved” as I got further along and the spotting stopped.

I bled in my early pregnancy due to blood being around my uterus and had some back pain. It only happened a few times but everything was great. I was out on bed rest and further along I got, the blood went away. Maybe try seeing if there’s blood around your uterus?

I got told my uterus was expanding.

Google placenta previa. It can cover entirely and make you bleed more.

I’m currently expecting and experienced this in the beginning up until 10 weeks. They did ultrasound to make sure i wasn’t miscarrying, well come to find out it was a subrichonic hemorrhage. Everything has been great since and I’m 22 weeks.

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My doc had me taking progesterone vaginally. I started it around 6 weeks and stopped at 13 weeks. I didn’t have heavy bleeding, but lots of bad cramping and spotting until 14 weeks

I had cramping and bleeding my entire first trimester. Somewhat heavy and bright red at times. I wasn’t put on progesterone. I had an overall healthy pregnancy up to 38 weeks.

I bled from about 6-12 weeks. No pain, tissue, or clots came with it. At 10 weeks we discovered I had a subchrionic hematoma and that I was expecting twins. Once I got past the 1st trimester it stopped.

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I was put on progesterone but that’s cause I had a short cervix
After …I think it was 10 days of using the capsules… my cervix had gone from 2.5cm to 3.1cm

I had subchorionic hemorrhages with baby #4&#5. I bled off and on until 16 weeks when it resolved itself. Most of the time they heal on their own.
I’ve never had to take progesterone.

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I had a hematoma . I seriously thought I was miscarrying . I hade a large amount of blood and blood clots. Caught me so off guard . I just stood in the kitchen for 10 mins in shock bleeding. I didn’t want to make the white carpets bloody that’s how bad it was. But it didn’t work lol . It was scary then but now I know it was harmless . And I destroyed my stairs :joy::woman_shrugging:t3:

I actually got a regular “period” monthly until I was 6 months.

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I had a wonderful first pregnancy but with my second son I bled my whole entire pregnancy from spotting to random gushes of blood. It’s scary as hell. My OB gave me progesterone until I was 14 weeks just incase but everything was fine with baby. Some mamas just bleed.

I had this problem when I was pregnant with my second baby. I bled so much and hurt so bad and cried so much bc I thought that I was going to lose my baby. They couldn’t tell me what was wrong. They kept sending me home to “wait and see what happens”, to keep coming back every week for a month so test my hcg levels in my blood. Turns out I was pregnant with twins and lost one of them but I got blessed to still have my beautiful baby girl. She is now 4 and is really something else. Her brother, her and her sister are the lights of my life :heart:

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Same happened to me, I am RH negative, and also had small placental detachment/hemorrhage …my son is now 7 mons. I bled to the point of being hospitalized and needing blood transfusion :cry:

I had stopping until 11 weeks, doc said it was due to a uti and put me on antibiotics.
I am now 15 weeks and have no spotting
They didn’t see the Uti on the first 2 urine samples they did.

I had placenta previa but luckily as my daughter grew she moved the placenta up

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I was on progesterone shots my second pregnancy due to preterm labor with my first. You have to get them weekly till 36 weeks. I still went into labor early with my second.

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I had heavy bleeding on and off in the first 4 months of pregnancy they could never find a reson and in the end told me it was likely caused by changes to the cervix. I have a healthy 3 year old now x

Threatened miscarriage is what I was told I bled entire 17 weeks before I sadly delivered my baby! Not always the case was my diagnosis and was correct!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes bleeding in early pregnancy?

I use to take progesterone with my first son. It helps a lot!!! It worked right away! I never had after my first tremister then they took it away

With my last child I bleed throughout my entire pregnancy

I almost lost my daughter at 8 weeks and 11 weeks. There was an issues with the placenta separating from uterus. Bleed off and on through whole pregnancy. Full bed rest most of my pregnancy. Labor stopping medicine was given at 6 months. I think about the same time I was going to the doctor every week 1 week to my regular op doctor then the next high risk doctor( with ultrasound). I was older/measuring 2 months bigger/daughter had swelling in the ventricles of her brain also. The only problem she had was she needed to spend 24 hours in the nicu because she was jaundice. Good luck.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes bleeding in early pregnancy?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes bleeding in early pregnancy?

Both of my pregnancies I bled in the beginning. My first pregnancy I found out I am Rh negative and my baby was full term. I’m about 31 weeks along in my second pregnancy and he is perfectly fine. It could be implantation bleeding as you are very early in your pregnancy, hope all goes well for you and baby!


I bled from week 7 to week 12. ER doc told me I was miscarrying. My son just turned 11.
Never knew why. Oddly enough, the bleeding stopped when I was in a minor car accident. :woman_shrugging:


I had a subchorionic hematoma that caused bleeding in early pregnancy (6-8 weeks). It’s basically a pocket of blood around the uterus from when the embryo implants. I only bled for about 2 weeks off and on and then it stopped, even though the sch didn’t disappear until around 14 weeks along.

I had bleeding in my 1st trimester. Was heavy a few times. I thought I was having a miscarriage. It turned out was a hematoma. Not sure from what, but eventually it went away. They never put me on any medication. No lifting & was told to take it easy.


I spotted during both my pregnancies (both were full term and healthy). With my first I spotted once but it was enough for me to go see if baby was okay, with my second I spotted very lightly but more than once. I believe I have a very sensitive cervix and physical activity, sex etc made it bleed. In your case it’s very possible that it’s a subchorionic hemorrhage and most women who have this go on to have healthy pregnancies. That’s what my OB told me. You can always purchase a doppler, that’s what I did otherwise I would’ve driven myself nuts worrying about every little thing.

Could be a blood clot on placenta, could be a threatened miscarriage. Bedrest until you find out.

I bled for a month with my third baby. She was born at 38 weeks, totally healthy. They never gave me anything for the bleeding, just regularly checked my hcg levels.

I bled my entire first trimester and a little into my second. Doctors weren’t sure of the cause. Despite bleeding, i had a healthy pregnancy and a healthy full term baby.

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I had what I thought was just weird periods with my first one and finally tried to make an appointment with the gyn/ob and they kept telling me if I missed a period call for an appointment. Missed mine in Oct and called and got in on Halloween. Doctor came in and had me lay down and he felt and said “Good god lady your about ready to have a baby” and asked why it took me so long to come in and I told him about what I was told…He proceeded to go out and yell at the receptionists that made the appointments saying if a woman is having an issue make a damn appointment. Came in, scheduled an ultrasound. Gave me a date in Dec but he wasn’t born until Jan…said he was a 10 month baby which isn’t all that unusual. That was 41 years ago last Jan.


I had random spotting a couple times in 1st and 2nd trimester. It didnt last only happened once. No real explanation to it. They said I had low lying placenta but that was it. I am now 28+6

Everyone’s pregnancy is different. Go to to the doctor for professional help.


Bleeding is pretty common. If you’re doctor says everything is fine then don’t worry. But always listen to your intuition. If you feel something is off don’t wait to get checked out.

I bled from my 10th week till About 6 1/2 weeks after i had him…it was like a 9 months period with out a break lol

If you think something is wrong act on it…pregnancy is a wonderful miracle and a mom to be is suppose to enjoy it…if you feel something is wrong get it checked again… no harm and peace of mind for you

I passed three big blood cloths at 10 weeks doctor thought I was having a miscarriage! After the blood clots I bleed slightly a little over two weeks then it stopped! I had a healthy baby girl carried her 40 weeks 2 days! My doctor didn’t believe in bedrest but I couldn’t carry anything over 20lbs during my pregnancy. They never gave me meds or anything. Sending prayers I’m sure your baby just fine. I heard it common to bleed the whole pregnancy…

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I had twins and before I could have an ultrasound one died so bled with that and my second pregnancy I had an in plantation bleed which is basically a bruise that bled when the baby moved.

I had bleeding starting abt the 3rd month on. Unfortunately things were not okay for me. I went into premature labor at 5 1/2 months. My baby lived abt 2 hours or so. At that time, babies born that early couldn’t be saved. Nowadays, babies born at 25 weeks can be saved.


I bleed from the moment I found out I was pregnant. I unfortunately had a miscarriage at 14 weeks, but I always felt something was wrong and I was always in pain, :+1:t3: burning jabbing pain on my right side. It was not normal. I was in the drs office every weeks due to the heavy bleeding and pain. At first it was a SCH, but then they couldn’t figure it out.

Happened with all 3 of my pregnancies, and I went on to have 3 healthy babies, take it easy, good luck

This happened to me and unfortunately I had a miscarriage​:angel:t3::broken_heart:


Hi, I spotted throughout my first pregnancy. I want given anything for it. I was going through a very stressful time and I think that played a big part. I had a massive bleed at 28 weeks and had to stop working. I was given steroids to develop baby’s lungs and told she may come early. Which she did at 33+3 she is a tough head strong 6 yr old now! Pregnancies 2 and 3 were fine

I had bleeding on and off while I was pregnant :blush: nothing to worry about if you’ve been checked. Sex can also cause this as your cervix is changing.

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I had hematoma bleeding really bad at week 4, and bleed a little bit after. I’m 36 weeks currently and baby girl is healthy. :two_hearts: Sending positive thoughts and prayers.

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I bleed for 6 months with my first baby. I was 17 and didn’t know I was pregnant. They did a pelvic exam and I had an eroded cervix.
Bed rest and no intercourse was what I was told to do.
Dam man was a brut!!
My daughter was fine and healthy. I carried full term

Bleeding that early is totally normal as long as it’s light!

yes, my placenta detached slightly. bled here and there up until about 4 months. it fixed itself.

I ended up having placenta Previa and had to stay in bed for a couple of days and everything straightened itself out and all was fine.

Any blood in pregnancy is a warning…go get a second opinion

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Could be a SCH (subchorionic hemorrhage) Subchorionic bleeding: Causes, symptoms, and risks.

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Careful when having sex…Dr put me on bed rest.

I bled through my entire pregnancy. Lots of scans at the start of my pregnancy. Was convinced I had miscarried. Son has just turned 17. Apart from the bleeding normal pregnancy. Was so stressed at the time but he turned out to be healthy and amazing.

Red Raspberry Leaf tea stopped my bleeding

Mine was from the placenta bleeding

How about a second opinion?

Find an herbologist…
Or go online with vitamin world and do a comparison equivalent and go herb.i did after my stent…those meds were horrible…rest with legs up. I took vit b6 at night n I never had morning sickness after 12 wks
Also I Kno
Women who bled thru their who pregnancy…
Be safe
Talk to your Dr bout everything if not happy with the answers…seek another opinion…good luck…blessings :pray:

Go to your doctor, not social media

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Go to a Dr. common sense .


i currently have this

When I was pregnant around that amount of weeks I had random gushes of blood and cramps. My daughter is almost 6 now and is healthy as well as sassy as ever. It’s a weird thing that happens.

I have a hematoma and had spotting

Subchronic hemorrhage, it’s common. Alot of times it’s heals on its own but sometimes it doesn’t & it doesn’t end good, I don’t wanna scare you or anything but my friends just lost her little girl at 15 weeks and she was bleeding since 7 weeks :confounded::pensive::sob::angel: but it doesn’t always end like this.


I had a subchorionic hemorrhage and it lasted over 5 months. It took a while to absorb. I didn’t bleed all the time but bled a lot when it would try and dissolve. We found it via ultrasound early in my pregnancy. It was scary but I’m 30 weeks now. Dr has kept a close eye on it. Pelvic rest, some bed rest, I also know 2 other people who had the same thing as me both same length of times and both and babies are just fine. We all 3 also have an anterior placenta. But my nurse told me that these hemorrhages are becoming common lately they’ve seen a lot of it lately.

I had this and had low progesterone. They put me in progesterone until 24 weeks and it went away.

With my 2nd child, I started bleeding in my 1st trimester as well I wnt to the ER & was informed it was a threatened miscarriage. When I wnt to the Dr I believe they said my placenta wasn’t attached. They put me on bed rest & told me no sexual activity. I bled the entire 1st trimester but my son came out healthy and full term. He’s 7 now.

I bled through the first trimester for 3 out of 4 pregnancies. It’s fairly common.

I had heavy bleeding from 13-18 weeks. No clue why. My daughter is now 5

It’s Subchronic Hemorrhage . Had throughout my whole pregnancy and I have a healthy 1 year old boy

I had an “irritated cervix” for most of my pregnancy with my first daughter…had to be induced finally at almost 39 weeks

Some women bleed the entire pregnancy

I bled on and off my whole pregnancy and I was overdue with my daughter (42 weeks) I didn’t take any medications for it and she was born super healthy

Subchronic Hematomas can cause bleeding. Has she checked for one of those?

I bled till the last trimester. I had a low lying placenta

I had a threatened miscarriage with my oldest. She’s now a happy, healthy 6 year old.
Rest rest rest. And If you’re still concerned then talk to your OB again.

I bled during my first tri due to having hematomas on my uterus. The doctor said that’s probably why I bled. However I’m now 25 weeks along and still bleed here and there. This is my 4th baby and I’ve never experienced this before. I do have placenta previa now tho so that could play a part in it.

Had same thing happen with me and this is what mine was

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Hi! I’ve been in hospital in and out since 6 weeks pregnant with bleeding. I’m about to give birth next week and it’s bad, it got to a point a few months ago it just would gush out of me. They’ve said to me there’s no many reasons for this! Your placenta could just be lifting away slightly, which is fine. That you could have a rough patch at the top of your vagina canal which when irritated can cause light spotting to heavier bleeding (through intercourse or heavy lifting), so many things can cause the bleeding. I’ve been the same since the day I found out. I can’t go full term. I’m having an elective c section at 37 weeks. Next week as this all led to my waters breaking without any labour. I had progesterone that didn’t seem to work very well but did take a lot of the symptoms alongside the bleeding away. Finally felt like normal instead of always cramping :heart: good luck to you though xxx

I bled through the majority of my pregnancy with my daughter. She was my first child. And she was born a very healthy 9lb 2oz baby. My doctors also ran lots of tests and found nothing. Ultimately our bodies go through alot to acclimate to pregnancy physically and hormonally. So that’s what we chalked it up to, my body just adjusting.

Threatened Miscarriage. Only way to prevent it is get off your feet for a few days. Might want to call OB in am. You can have a placenta that will pull loose but you would have cramping with it. I worked in ER as RN & we saw a ton of miscarriages & threatening miscarriages… some woman can have small amts of bleeding & continue a pregnancy. Others will have only spotting them go onto miscarry. Good luck!


My first pregnancy I bled due to a hematoma which apparently happens frequently and usually clears up in a few weeks. I was put on light duty at work with no strenuous lifting or moving . My baby was born at 37 weeks and perfectly healthy. Hope everything is fine with you and baby .:heart:

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Bled everyday for the first trimester like a regular period very unnerving and doc could give no explanation. It suddenly stopped the day my second trimester started; baby just turned 29.

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It happened to me with my first pregnant (and second actually) first one was just a little worse, I had a hematoma which they can find usually during an ultrasound, which is basically a little sack of blood, usually your body will eventually absorb it and the bleeding will cease but of course it’s different for everyone and case by case :heart:

Oh honey I can understand how much this has to worry you. My aunt bleed her entire pregnancy & she had a healthy baby girl.

I woke up in a puddle of blood, hospital & Dr said put a pad on. They didn’t seem to worried about it. I was so scared. He was born later that day, he’ll be 40 years old tomorrow. Best of luck

Stress will get you to bleed. My friend Ravina had bleeding with her second child and was put on bed rest

I bled once a month with my son up until June. I had him August 10 2020 at 36w (12 hours before my scheduled cc-section). It was like a period but no cramps and would last about 1.5 days tops. No complications. My OB said it’s not uncommon :woman_shrugging:t3:

I had bleeding with my first pregnancy and was told it was a miscarriage. It went on for weeks and turned out to be that the baby had implanted very close to my cervix. As the baby grew, it put pressure on my cervix, causing blood vessels to burst. The doctor simply had to cauterize the blood vessels and there was no concern for the baby. I had no further problems and the rest of the pregnancy continued with no problems at all.

I did. It lasted 2-3 weeks (although I did have pain) it stopped around 3 months. I was scared too. My daughter is almost 7 with no problems.

I had to get the rh negative shot bc my body was rejecting the baby so I was spotting a lot.

Happened to me. Years ago. Healthy baby x