What causes breast pain?

I’m not really sure how to ask this, because I don’t know if it’s just because I breast fed both my babies. (Not long, first time with 3 weeks 5 days and this last time was 3&1/2-4 months.

Now my kids are 2 & 1/2 years apart and my youngest is now one. My breast have tried to fill back up a few times since I’ve stopped) but they are starting to hurt. I’m not sure of the pain, how to describe it that is. I’m on birth control because they found out I have endometriosis and my tubes were burned. So I know it’s not cause I’m pregnant. I’m wondering if it’s normal for your breast to still hurt from time to time after stopping, like maybe because she is teething or maybe something else could be going on?

Regardless I’m gonna take to my doctor about it if it doesn’t stop. I just wanted to ask opinions :blush:

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It’s not the typical period pain either. That’s not something I’ve really experienced much thru out my life.

Sometimes mine would hurt. It was years after I had my kids. Turns out it was caused from the birth control I was taking. Changed it and pains stopped. I would check and see if it isn’t caused from you birth control.