What causes brown discharge on birth control?

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I’m on the pill and I’m 4 days late for my period. A week ago or so I bleed for one day and stopped now I’m have a brown mucus discharge. Could this be from me taking the pill? This is my first time on the pill.


It could be implantation bleeding I would buy a test to be sure I hated the pill that’s how my first child was born


It could take 3 months for your body to get used to being on the pill, but just to rule it out i would take a test and if its negative make sure you take the pill same time everyday

That’s what happened to me, I later had a miscarriage

I was 1 whole week late for my period on the pill it came was only 3 days… Then the next month none… and I am Currently 23 weeks pregnant. Get a test.

This is my daughter Hailey same thing happened to me then I found out I was pregnant with her


Might wanna get a test to be sure. I experienced the same thing twice before. The first time i was pregnant and the second time, i was just stressed and i was new on the pill

Take a test n call your doctor

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People why do y’all put stuff like this on facebook. I for one don’t want to know please post it somewhere else!!!


it’s completely normal my pill did the same thing

Nothing wrong with getting tested. I’ve been on my bc pills for 6 months now. Last month I went 4 days late as opposed to almost a week early up until that point. I’ve been regularly seeing my dr for high blood pressure, so I was tested just in case as at by the day of my appt I was 2 days late. All came back negative and this month I started 3 days early.

Take a test for sure!

Omg…go take a test or call your doctor. There is NO ONE on here who can answer your question with any certainty.


I found I was preg had my period for a day one day it stopped two weeks later found I was preg they said it happens with hormones

I had that…with my 1st…he is 1 now lol I got on the pill after a stronger dose and 10 Mo this later I had the same thing and agian! I’m pregnant lol I do not trust the pill lol

I got pregnant with my now 10 month old on the pill. I was on time every month until then. If you havent started within 2 weeks I would take a test.

It could be from the pill, but honestly…take some pregnancy tests over the next couple of weeks. My first baby was conceived on birth control. And id been faithfully taking it for over one year.

Could be the pill but could be pregnancy I’d test to make sure

Take a test or call the dr to be safe. I have 2 pill babies, 14 & 7, so it does happen, but it could just be breakthrough bleeding as well

Call your doctor after all they are the professionals!