What causes brown discharge while pregnant?

This is my first pregnancy and a couple hours ago I went pee and when I wiped there was a bunch of brownish colored mucus looking stuff I started googling it and everything has been saying it’s my mucus plug but I’m only 32 weeks just wondering if I should be worried or not I need some reassurance lol thank you :blush:


Don’t be worried at all. They can grow back.

Don’t worry, that’s normal. It’ll grow back

Don’t worry as long as you are feeling fine. You can lose some of your mucus plug that early but it tends to grow back so be expecting it again and don’t panic. As long as you aren’t hurting or have a bright red blood then it should be fine.

Sounds like a mucus plug but it could still be a few weeks before the baby comes

U pribably lost ur muscus plug its normal

As long as it’s not pink you’re ok :blush:

Nothing to worry about.

Agreed! No worries! It will grow back. If you start cramping I would go get checked out. I lost mine with my youngest 3 times, the first at 29 weeks. He was born 5 days before his due date.

I lost the whole thing with my first at 33 weeks, i had her at 34+4…wasnt related to the mucus plug. I lost a chunk during my second early on and had her at 33+5.

I lost mine at 31 weeks. It happens. I’m now 38 weeks.

As long as it’s not pink or no blood it’s ok dear.

No worries…it replenishes itself and mine came out in stages with all 3 pregnancies

I would go and call your midwife it happens to me and I had my baby 2 weeks later just to be sure

I lost mine at 36 weeks and then had my daughter that night . Maybe just ring your doctor and they will tell you if they want to see you :slightly_smiling_face:

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No worries momma. Your mucus plug can actually grow back and you can loose it multiple times. I did not know that I until I had my 18 month old. I lost it a total of 4 times. I still had to be induced.

Yep mucus plug. NOBODY should tell you this is no big deal. They are not OBs with first hand knowledge of your pregnancy.

you could be in preterm labor or maybe not - mucus plugs can regenerate. So maybe not a big deal but you need to call the dr on call right anyways. They will probably tell you to come in and they will check you. They can do a strip test that will tell them if you are likely to go into labor soon or they may want you to start taking it easy on bedrest

I had a 28 weeker. I would never just brush this kind of thing off. Always check with your doctor


No worries. You can lose it that early. Just tell your doctor at your next appt.

Nothing to worry about with my first I lost my mucus plug 3 times.

Mine started coming out around 32 weeks I delivered at 37 weeks