What causes burning sensation in stomach while pregnant?

I am 28 weeks pregnant and for about 4 weeks now I have a tight kind of burning sensation on the top right side of my belly. Kinda under my boob on my rib! Usually happens when I eat but sometimes just randomly!
Does anyone know what this is or what I can do to help?

I’m seeing my doctor Monday but needed some insight now.


Could be your belly growing and stretch marks forming. Thats what it was for me anyways

Its your tummy muscles separating and expanding… it can be quite painful

That’s where your gallbladder is. It’s common to produce a lot of gallstones during pregnancy due to the rapid weight gain. I had to have mine removed 1 month pp.

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Your baby is growing so you are too… it’s all good

Pulled muscles and ligaments frOM growing

Heart burn is what they told me it was

That’s your gallbladder!! 100%

This can also be a sign of high blood pressure!! If you have the ability to check it yourself at home or have someone check it I would!

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Could be your gallbladder I had mine out a few months after my son was born. It was awful… gallbladder attacks are not terrible but you’re so far along you will probably have to wait until after you have your baby to have it out.


Gall bladder possibly

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Baby has probably turned and wedged their legs in your ribs

Happens to me everyday…more after I eat dinner. I think its just pressure and stretching where the baby hangs out as it prefers my right side. I use a heating pad on that spot to soothe it a bit many times a day.