What causes canker sores?

Hello moms so question… Latly I have gotten canker sores in my mouth I have 4 atm randomly got them one ik I bit my lip poll anyway … a fellow mom told me they are common in pregnancy due to hormones n what not has anyone else had them like this? No it isn’t herpes or nothing like that lol I hate canker sores ik u can get them from eating or drinking spicy or stuff like soda which I have been drinking I’m 18 weeks pregnant with my 2nd lol thanks moms!


Well you could have a cold…aka the non-STD type of herpes lol

We totally understand r. Karen Pearson

I get them when i am stressed and over tired…which when pregnant, it made it worse…

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I get them if I have a cold little bit of Vicks helps

Acidic foods like pineapple and tomatoes can cause them too…i use to get them all the time as a kid…

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Yes acidic foods can cause them if you eat too much. You can also get them from putting your fingers in your mouth, chewing on your nails or having other little kids ram their fingers in your mouth. The bacteria on your hands can find it’s way into open wounds you might already have from things like biting your lip or biting the inside of your cheek by accident. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water and that should help with healing them and taking the pain away.

I jabbed myself with my tooth brush and got one that lasted 2 damn weeks! Nothing I did made it better.

Oranges peaches nectarines acids foods also do that

Up tums on them it helps

These usually appear when ph balance in mouth is off as awkward as it sounds similar to a yeast infection. It also be from a low or compromised immune system. I usually recommend L-Lysine which is an over the counter vitamin. It is an amino that our bodies naturally produce but good to give your body a little extra when feeling under the weather.

Pickles I heard can cause them as well

Hormone changes can definitely cause them. As well as acidic and spicy foods, stress, and vitamin deficiency. Avoiding those types of foods, trying to stay relaxed, and taking your prenatal vitamins should help prevent them. Your hormones should also be levelling out now too. If they’re bothering you quite a bit you can rise your mouth with a salt water or baking soda and water solution to help, and/or dab milk of magnesia on them!

Yes! I’ve had a problem with them my whole life. I get sometimes 2 to 3 in the same general location… they spread and become one big one. Eating or drinking anything is awful then. I used to get something from the doctor, it had a numbing agent along with bubblegum flavor and some medicine and they called it “magic mouthwash”… would heal them overnight! Probably not safe while pregnant, but worth an ask.

Magic mouthwash or take q tip and dab some peroxide on it. Instant relief