What causes ear infections in kids?

My son is currently 13 months old. We have been in the doctors for ear infections quite a bit. Usually, it’s both ears at the same time. We always get antibiotics of course. We are playing the waiting game seeing if this is going to be a ongoing issue. I always follow up two weeks after with his doctor to make sure they go away. He said they usually hold off on going to the ear specialist for a little while. He explained its common in little ones and just depends on how their tubes are. I’m just kinda looking to see some experience in this. He is my first child and how you handled this. I will obviously keep going to the doctor and getting the antibiotics. More along the lines any tricks you know or at what point did you decide to see a specialist. He always gets high fevers as well with his ear. I just feel so bad for my little one. I’d do anything to take this away.


Saline nose spray helped my daughter tremendously! Once I started using that at first signs of sickness, no more ear infections!

Had tubes in my sons ears at 11 months old. Best thing ever. He started walking that very same day and all ear infections disappeared

My daughter is almost 18 months old, her ear infections started in November. She has had 6 ear infections and has been on 7 different antibiotics. After the 4th ear infection her pediatrician scheduled an appointment with an ENT, saw the ENT (at 16 months) and he decided to wait it out since its very common kids her age and most of them grow out of it, also the weather played a big part too, winter time, runny/stuffed noses etc. cause clogging which results in infection. So he said lets wait it out unless she gets an other ear infection within 6 weeks. Here we are, shes on antibiotic number 7 and we have her surgery scheduled in a few weeks. Baby girl is getting tubes and hopefully the pain, uncomfortable pressure will disappear soon🙂.

My daughter got infections all the time in her ears. We started putting olive oil drops in her ears and having them irrigated by a nurse. We also had her tested for allergies and found out she had quite a few. Cutting those foods out along with the rest stopped the infections completely. She’s now 4 and hasn’t had an ear infection since she was 15 months.

I would take him to the chiropractor and have him checked out

Had tubes put in my son at 9 months old after recurring ear infections. Best thing ever! Started crawling and walking immediately.

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Mine would get them 4 times in a row, twice a year. He didnt get tubes till he was almost 3. One place wouldnt touch his ears till he was 3 and we switched to another ent. We found out he had enlarged tonsils and adnoids. So he had his tonsils and adnoids removed and tubes put in his ears. He had tubes for almost 3 years with one ear infection. His dr removed them when he cleaned his ears cause they got stuck coming out.

Take him to an allergist. I had chronic ear infections as a kid to the point of tubes. Come to find out it was food allergies.

If the ear infections are recurring I would see an ENT. Repeat ear infections can lead to hearing loss.

Tell them you want tubes put in. He won’t get ear infections anymore. Less need for antibiotics. No harm to the ear drum.
Two of my kids had them and was the best thing I could have done for them

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My mother had tubes put in my ears as a child cor ear infections. I do admit i had alot less of them afterwards but at my ob appointment for my little one, they made a comment on how “scarred” my ears were from them. I would do some research but all in all it helped me tremendously!!

Tell your peds you would like a second opinion from an Ear Nose Throat specialist and ask for a referral to one.

My daughter had them constantly for about 6 months. I pushed and pushed the issue of tubes, they wouldn’t refer me until she had one that didn’t work with two rounds of antibiotics. Went to an ENT and he said we shoulda came sooner bc so many antibiotics aren’t good for babies bc it compromises their immune system (who knew!) but once we got them, I’ve had a totally different child! It’s SO WORTH IT!! She sleeps better, and is starting to talk SO much more! She’s 18 months old, btw.

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2 months old - 1st ear infection, 2 years old - 2 sets of tubes that fell out, adenoids removal at 3, multiple ear infections through the next 12 years and today my 15 year old had his golfball size tonsils removed which were riddled with tonsil stones and infection.

I had ear infections and general sinus issues so hardcore i lost like 75% of my hearing for a while. Had to go to speech for several years. But I have 85% of it back now. I got tubes at 18 months, and my tonsils and adenoids out at just under 3 yrs old.

My oldest got an “ear infection” when he was 3, almost 4. It was antibiotic resistant, 3 months and about 10 different medicines before I finally got the referral for an ENT doctor. (Because I put up a stink about seeing an ENT and wouldn’t take “wait it out” for an answer any longer!)
3 weeks later my son was in emergency surgery to remove a tumour (cholesteatoma) that was headed through the mastoid bone and almost into his brain. 3 surgeries later (2 tympano-mastoidectomies with the second having cartilage harvest and eardrum rebuild, then adenoids and tonsils) he has been tumour free now for 6 years, but is permanently deaf in his left ear…

Kid #2 got her first ear infection at 4 years old and we went strait to the ENT. Not messing around around with that again. Not after a diagnosed “ear infection” almost killed one kid.

My son was having ear infections often when he was a couple months old. His pediatrician said it may be caused by a cows milk allergy so we switched him to soy. That was definitely the problem he’s almost two and hasn’t had a ear infection since.


Maybe need some tubes put in. My son has the same issue and is on the verge of getting tubes

Mine got them a lot until he got his last baby tooth in. After that, he hasnt had one in almost a year and half. We went to an ear/hearing specialist and he confirmed that his ear infections would probably stop after teething so we decided to wait it out.

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My son had grommets put in but kept getting infections… had three trips to the chiro and has never had another one in about 5-6 years… he said because their tubes are so small any misalignment in their neck/shoulders can block them… might not be the case for everyone but worth a try before surgery :blush:

I had so many ear infections, a few my ear holes closed up. I have hearing problems.

My daughter had about 8 ear infections in from when she was 8 months to 15 months. We got tubes in her ears when she turned 16 months. The doctor recommended it and the specialist didn’t even hesitate. If you think your little one needs it please ask! You don’t want your child’s hearing to become an issue. The tubes were the best thing. She is about to turn 4 and hasn’t had one ear infection since!

I would try removing dairy from his diet for a while and see if the ear infections stop. It could be an intolerance to cows milk. Switch him to almond or rice milk for a few months and see if the infections stop. Another idea (as CRAZY as it seems) is to take him to a chiropractor. They do some strange thing where they tug down and out on the earlobe and release the fluid. It can prevent infection.
Other than those two things, my only suggestion would be the ENT. Two of my three kiddos had tubes.

Demand seeing a specialist

Im going to follow. My son is 8 months old he has had over 6 ear infections. He always finishes his antibotics and his drops and he always has ear infections when i bathe him i put cotton in his ears or covers his ears. When cleaning im real gentle and through… He has a referral to go to the ENT at Valley Childrens. They are talking about tubes

My daughter at age 2 was caused from water etc so the dr told me to not allow her to swim until she of 7. This also meant not submerging ears into baths etc

Ear infections are usually the result of too much congestion in the nose throat and head. I was told to keep the congestion down with my kids by using the saline, nose sucker, humidifier, when they were older the use of decongestant. Theyve had mountains of ear infections and i do see these steps help. If it’s too bad of course we get antibiotic- but I try home remedies first. Too many antibiotics can be really harmful. The use of peroxide in the ear while your kid has head laid on the side- allowing to bubble, then turning to the otherside with a cotton ball to soak it up and drain out for a min helps a lot. Also taking a garlic clove cut to fit the hole of the ear and putting a paper towel over it for a good 10 mins help. Some of this may be hard with younger ones, but when ive done it ive always made it snuggle time with a book explaining it was medicine for the booboo in their ear. Most the time worked, but sometimes they just wouldn’t have it. Ive put peroxide in their ears while they slept and gently turned to the otherside to drain too.

My kids suffered from ear infections! If they were not on meds they had ear infections after 6 in a row the doctor told me to go to Specialist. Best decision I made, both kids had tubes put in which was a procedure that was complete in 10 mins and the ear infections were nonexistent. Bottom line go to a ENT specialist forget what your doctor is telling you. Good luck xoxo

I dont really think it’s that common though. Neither of my kids have had them. And ear issues run in both sides of the family. I have constant build up of wax in my left ear. And my BF was born without his left ear. The only thing my son has ever had in 2.5 years is bronchitis when he was 6 months old. Your child might have to get tubes. Chronic ear infections are not good. Can cause hearing loss, especially if they only keep pushing meds instead of tubes.

My daughter had recurring ear infections until about 4/5 years old. After that they just stopped. We visited the ENT, there were no problems with her hearing and her ears were fine.

I wish I had advice but my son is 3 has very clean and healthy ears never once has had an ear infection even when he had the flu a couple of weeks ago his ears were fine…

I would stay away from the antibiotics. They tend to cause side effects. As a child my mother would crush a half clove of garlic and heat oil with it until warm (olive,or vegetable doesn’t matter). Garlic in it’s crushed state releases Acillin. I learned this by reading into home remedies when it was just my little one and myself at home on a rainy day. I didn’t want to take him with me to the store 20 minutes away while he screamed in pain so I looked it up as a remedy. Like you, I had the same issue where he would get more frequent infections. This affected my job as well as his overall well being. I hope the best for you.

My son got an ear infection at 18m that wouldn’t clear up after one dose of antibiotics. Our pediatrician said he didn’t mess around with the ears and sent us to a specialist right away. That dr was great too. We tried different treatments and ended up getting tubes. He never got an ear infection after that. He’s 4 now and hearing fine when he wants too :joy:

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Children can become immune to antibiotics after a while. I agree with Brooke amd Kendal. A specialist and possibly tubes will help.

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Try tree oil…one drop stuff with cotton next day he was usually better…never had to use more than two days

I would push for the referral

They kept telling me my son didn’t have an ear infection even tho he was pulling his ears for weeks (after having 11 ear infections his first 1 1/2 years of his life. Well I fired he pedi and had to get a referral myself and I wasn’t leaving until I got one. The day before during preop I was told that his ears looks great. The morning of the doctor said his right ear was so Infected that it got behind the ear drum and now my son has hearing loss in that ear. Keep pushing mama, you know what’s best for your child. Don’t take no for an answer those doctors work for YOU. Remember that