What causes eye discharge?

My daughter keeps getting this slime in the corner of her eye. anybody know what it is? she is 2


Has she got conjunctivitis??

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It sounds like Pink eye

I recommend a doctor it could be pink eye but it is allergy season and that happens with allergies too

Are her eyelids stuck together in the mornings/after naps? If so she probably had conjunctivitis, and if she does she’ll more than likely need eyedrops from the doctor to clear it up. If not then it could be allergies or just eye boogies :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:

Hold warm black tea bag on eye a few times a day, schedule a doc appointment

washing hands regularly might help…not trying to be condesending…just know that eye issues can be kids touching nose mouth eyes

Eye buggies. Wipe with cool cloth

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Sounds like allergies, I got it and my daughter got in and we were allergic to cats and didn’t know

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If I’m ever worried about my children’s health, I don’t go to the internet, I go to the doctor.

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Conjunctivitis or blocked tear duct

Mother’s milk 1-2 drops will take care of it.

Would say pollen is so bad could be allergies., just wash with warm water.

Could be a blocked tear duct.

Is it clear? Or coloured.

Eye boogers. It’s normal. Adults get it too

Could be caused by allergies my kids get it when seasons change

If she was recently sick it could be sinuses trying to drain. I would take her to the doctor to make sure it’s not pink eye.

I know what it is. It’s a… good question for a DOCTOR!