What causes eye twitching?

Question momma’s last month my left eyelid started twitching upper and lower. Vision not affected just annoying. I’ll get a bit of a break sometimes it’s super annoying my other eye started. I’ve been under alot of stress. And still no vision effected or anything. When I blink hard or rub it it makes it do it. Anyone else ever have this. How long did it last? What did you take to help


I’ve always heard low potassium but could be stress

Definitely caused by stress mine comes and goes. Just try and chill the more you worry about it the longer it lasts.

Stress will do it. When I am super stressed my eye will twitch .

It happens to me when I’m stressed

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Mines been doing it the past month stress most definitely also certain meds cause it

Physically or metaphorically

When I’m stressed tf out my eye twitches. Lol

Stress, eye strain, fatigue and too much caffeine. I get it all the time

To much caffeine and/or stress

You said you’re under a lot of stress. More than likely it’s that. Our bodies are weird.


Stress can definitely cause that to happen. Also if you are looking at a screen for a long period of time. It doesn’t work all the time but it helps a little bit when I put eye drops in my eyes.

Screen light can cause it talk to doctor ,eye doctor, blue lenses can help.

You need a vacation mine goes away after 1 week of absolute vacation mode

Do u have teenagers or toddlers??? :laughing::laughing:

Could be lacking ,iron , vitamin b12, vitamin d, or magnesium . Or old wives tales say someone is talking about you !

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Mine do it when I’m stressed, they’ve been doing it alot lately :woman_facepalming:t3:

My left eye twitches when I am stressed! It’s so annoying lol

Mine will also do it when I am overly tired

I had this happen and it lasted a couple months. So annoying but eventually it did go away.

When my face starts twitching it means 1 I’m stressed n 2 my magnesium is low so I brown rice

Every time my eye does that it’s usually because my vitamin D is really low so once I take vitamin D it always goes away

Mine does it when I’m stressed and eye strain. If you stare at computers all day may I suggest some blue light glasses. That’s what I ended up doing and it did help.

Stress and insane sleep deprivation does that to me

Stress and not getting enough sleep

You basically answered yourself. Stress and lack of sleep does it to me alot. I’m having a twitch in my left breast I’m assuming it’s a mix of stress and lack of sleep as well

Stress. Lack of sleep. Sometimes bananas help (potassium). :frowning:

Lots of things it can be mine does it alot and it’s my nerve ending…Yes it’s annoying as heck but harmless

Stress, fatigue and eye strain (staring at phone screen to long)

Drink tonic water, the quinine will stop it twitching.

Zoloft caused my facial tics and they seem to be permanent. I’ve been off it for 5 years

Mine was caused from too much caffeine, but you need to check with your eye doctor.

Stress and eye strain, take a break from the phone put cold wash clothes over your eyes,and take deep breaths

When this happened to me I thought it was just stress but it turned out to be a thyroid problem. Might want to just get some bloodwork done.

Use non-preservative over the counter eye drops. Your eyes are dry.