What causes false positive pregnancy tests?

I keep getting false positive pregnancy tests.

For the past six months or so…I’ve thought I’ve had three miscarriages. I’ll take a pregnancy test; it will come back positive, and my period will come within days of that positive test. Every single time I take a pregnancy test. Three months ago, I even went to the emergency when I got multiple positive, then started bleeding like it was my period. I got a positive from the hospital at that time. They assumed I was having a miscarriage and sent me home. Fast forward. This week, my period was four days late, so I did a test. Positive. I started my period last night again. Not a lot of pain or cramping really. I’m beginning to wonder if I was ever pregnant and if anyone knows if something else could be going on? In 6 months, every test I’ve taken is positive. I do not believe I am pregnant at this point. They aren’t that faint of lines either, clearly positives. I have two kids, so I haven’t ever had issues where I’ve had constant miscarriages. Has anyone heard of any underlying conditions that bring false positives?


I’m surprised your doctor hasn’t gave you a blood test to measure your hcg levels or atleast an ultrasound by now :thinking: There are a few conditions that can cause this that only an obgyn can diagnose. You need to demand an ultrasound!


Some women still bleed while pregnant I’d go get seen by your doctor if i werr you


You need to see a obgyn asap!


Definitely see a doctor. Certain tumors produce hcg so you want to rule out such problems


Have you got an ultrasound???


Sometimes the hormones show up cause there is still some part of the baby in you. I lost a baby in 2013 and had positive results until i had surgery to remove what was left

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Obgyn appointment for sure. Might get your hormones checked too

I also just recently read a story where a woman kept having positive pregnancy tests but wasn’t pregnant. Turned out she was doing the hcg diet and receiving hcg injections but hadn’t told her doctor :woman_facepalming:

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Some people can still have periods whilst pregnant. You hear these mad stories on how the woman just gave birth unbeknown she was even pregnant. I’d be demanding a ultrasound especially as you’ve been like this for months x

Recently had a son in July. Didn’t find out until I was 5 months. Wasn’t showing and still had my period. I finally missed a period and took a test. When I went to doctor thinking I was maybe a few weeks, they did an ultrasound and the first thing I saw was his little thing! I was like “There’s a whole f****** baby in there” the doctor’s kinda giggled and said yea your about 5 months along. Was the craziest. I found out about my first son when I was 7 weeks. Go to Obgyn


Too many variables and possibilities here. Definitely go to your OB/GYN

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I would make them do an ultrasound and refuse to leave without it. Also get labs drawn and get to the bottom of it. Make sure you don’t have any other underlying issues.

This happened to me. 8 false positives in one year. I never got an explanation why or how to stop it or change it. Just told me to stop using urine tests because they’re inaccurate.

You should definitely talk to your dr about taking some tests for underlying health issues… there are alot of serious issues and infections that can cause positive pregnancy tests

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If you keep getting positives then have your period they are called chemical pregnancies. But do you have your levels checked after your period starts to make sure the HCG levels are going down?

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Try getting a mammogram, even if you are young, just to rule it out!

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You’re not on a HCG weight loss program are you?

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Certain diseases and medications can cause false positives.


Have you tried taking a test after your period to see if it’s still positive? I would do that and then go to the doctor if it’s still positive. Otherwise they are probably chemical pregnancies. Still worth a trip to the obgyn


A simple visit to ur Obgyn would clear everything up🤷🏻‍♀️ that’s why they are there for


Please go see a professional obgyn

You need to see a primary doctor or your OB like ASAP. There are quite a few conditions that can make this happen. Beta HCG levels (the pregnancy hormone detected by pregnancy tests) normally is not circulating at a high enough level through the body to be detectable by a urine pregnancy test. So I would go see a doctor as soon as you can to make sure nothing is wrong.

Talk to your obgyn they will most likely do a sonogram for ovaries I was was having the same problem and they found a cyst that was mimicking pregnancy they tried to tell me I would become infertile fast forward I’m 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby so just get it checked hun


Get to your ob!!!
I was opposite mine showed negative until blood draws then I ended up being 19 weeks!
Def get to dr!!

I had 5 fake positives it happens

You need to see your doctor and get some tests and ultrasounds done. There are many reasons that could happen (false positives). Doesnt mean you were ever actually pregnant. Please get to your doctor/OB.

Did they not do an ultrasound at the hospital when you explained the situation?? Inwould have requested one after encountering this issue over and over and over.

I had the same thing happen to me. I ended up having chemical pregnancies. The dr put me on progesterone the second he got a positive with the baby and I’m now 11 weeks :blush:. Talk to your ob they’ll get it figured out! Don’t give up!


What does your doctor have to say about this? They give you a through evaluation and go through every detail with you best.

It could be chemical pregnancies. I had several before I successfully conceived my 2nd.

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I would go get blood work and an ultra sound. It’s defenitly possible you were pregnant miscarried and still show positive on the pee test. Or you could be one of the people that are pregnant and still get a few periods. Defenitly go to your doc. I myself showed negative for a while even though I was pregnant. Strange things happen sometime. Go to the doc

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Maybe you are getting pregnant and having miscarriages, it certainly warrants a hormone check

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Go to obgyn or go back to er and demand an ultrasound

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Go to OBGYN get checked

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I had my period for the first 3 months of being pregnant. I found out I was pregnant at 8 weeks and bled after that and found out I had some broken thing next to my baby that was leaking and had to be put on bed rest so it wouldn’t pop and kill my baby

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But definitely go to your obgyn

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My last child, I had a period up to 6 months, all test came up negative. Only reason knew was pregnant was the ultrasounds. Have they done an ultrasound?.

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Go to your doctor and do an ultrasound

why don’t you go see a GYN Dr & let him do any tests that are needed

No such thing as a false positive. The correct medical term is chemical pregnancy. Hcg is produced only by a placenta.

Omg woman, that’s not normal. See a doctor.

I don’t blame you for you to feel confused or whatever. When I was with my son’s dad I had 3 false positives all with a urine test and blood tests. I never had cramps or anything, so when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I didn’t believe it

Definitly go get an ultrasound asap.

🤦🤦🤦go to the doctor…

I had a period with two of my pregnancies.

Ask your Dr. :roll_eyes:??? They have the know how??