What causes foot cramps?

Any mommas out there having trouble with foot cramps? Im 27wks and my feet are starting to constantly cramp up. Should i talk to my dr or is there something i can do for it at home?

I thought I was the only one lol I guess we should talk to our doctor.

Talk with your dr. Drink more water, and yellow mustard and bananas help with muscle cramps

Drinks lots of water. Magnesium is your saviour. Get up and move. Massage helps too.


Yes i get that in the night its really painful. Magnesium helps

Doc will tell you to drink more water, bananas help with muscle cramps but it takes a few days to see the effects so add one in every day give it a few day to a week you should feel the difference

I got them in my calves too. One night as I was turning over, I pulled a foot cramp and a calf cramp at the same time so I started yelling around. My man who was asleep beside me jumped outta bed n started yelling around too, because he thought I was going into labour. I told him what was actually happening, (laughing at the same time), and he wasn’t amused. :joy: Make sure to drink more water.

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Add potassium to your diet eat more bananas or get a supplement

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I get them constantly along with cramps in the calf… I haven’t even mentioned it to my doctor. Figured its just another miserable part of being pregnant and uncomfortable :woman_facepalming::tipping_hand_woman:

Leg and feet cramps are common in later pregnancy l. I’m 27 weeks too and get them all the time. Doctor said to drink more water and when they start cramping stand up and put pressure on it instead of waiting for it to go away

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Drink more water and eat a banana everyday

Lack of vitamins and potassium. Yes talk to a doctor but also eating more uncooked peppers and baked beans will help. I had restless leg syndrom and not to be to personal but the only way I can relax it enough to sleep was an organism. My husband didn’t complain haha

Drink more water. Eat bananas. Potassium helps prevent cramps. Walk more.
Talk to dr