What causes hair loss in women?

I’m 17 Weeks pregnant with my 2nd and I noticed I’m shedding REALLY REALLY BAD! Is this normal?? with my 1st born I didnt shed bad this one is terrible could it be my diet? Maybe not eating enough veggies n fruit? N i constantly forget to take my prenatal? Or is it cause it’s winter? My son was born late January of 2018 so I have no idea. TIA

Hair loss is normal during pregnancy. Take some hair skin nails pills. You can get them at Walmart in the vitamin section. They work wonders! Also remember that your diet can also be a factor.
From a mama with curly hair that sheds like crazy.

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It’s likely a mix of the hormones and time of year but could also be low protein

With my second pregnancy I actually got bald spots. Within six months I had regrown all my hair. I took vitamins and they helped.

This happened to me when en my daughter was pregnant. It scared the daylights out me. My Dr. said it was stress related. Your brain tells the roots of your hair that it’s old and time to release it. (It’s an elementary explanation, I know) He said that this can happen in high stress situations, “like having a baby” (specially). I didn’t think I was that stressed :woman_shrugging:

My first pregnancy I lost hair. The second my curly red hair turned straight and auburn!

Put your vitamins next to your alarm clock or coffee pot. Something you use every day that will help remind you. Or take them at night instead. Maybe talk to a hair stylist or dermatologist if gets too bad. Maybe change your shampoo

This is happening now with my pregnancy. I had a daughter and my hair was amazing and full and grew so much but now I’m pregnant with a boy lol and it’s so thin and sad :confounded:

My baby is 4 months old and im still losing hair. Its normal just make sure you take your prenatal

Hair loss is normal but it’s significantly less if you take your vitamins…set an alarm on your phone for everyday so you remember to take them

Yes and it’ll get worse after you give birth it’s just from all the hormones it will stop eventually