What causes heavy periods after birth?

I had my second son 9 weeks ago. After birth, they had trouble stopping my bleeding and I had a ton of blood clots that they had to evacuate. Anyway… I just go my first period since having him and my cramps are absolutely terrible and my bleeding is VERY heavy. I have not ever bled this much on a period in my life. And this didn’t happen with my first. Is this normal for a first period after birth, or should I be concerned?


Your body changes after each pregnancy and birth. You will never have a period the same way after each.

Call ur doctor, not Facebook


Do u feel any signs of infection?

I had very heavy bleeding after both my kids both c-section doesn’t hurt to see a doctor I didn’t cause for me it’s normal but I did bleed really bad

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Same here. I had very heavy bleeding.

Mine was the same way.

I have always had horrible heavy painful periods. I have to change my tampon at least once per hour and I also wear a pad to protect against leakage. This last for 2-3 days for me and then it lightens up

After already having issues with bleeding I would atleast go get checked to be on the safe side. Typically the first period is ridiculous but it’s definitely best to be safe than sorry and go get checked out :grin:

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I had it so bad I had to run to the bathroom as blood poured out and big clots. Definitely wouldn’t hurt to call your doctor for a peace of mind.

Could be normal, but I experience heavy bleeding after birth and never experienced a super heavy period after. Everyone and every time is different. I do believe I had a ‘normal’ period after my d&cs. Meaning I bled more than I normally do. My normal periods are so light and dark I can’t even wear a tampon.

If you are going through more than 1 pad or tampon in a hour you need to go in. Otherwise its probably ok. Id call your ob just to be sure. But again more than 1 an hour is a problem

I was always told it wasn’t cause for concern unless you are filling a sanitary item in 1 hour pretty consistently. Your period changes after each baby, this could be your new normal, and if that’s the case a doctor will just suggest birth control, which tends to lighten your period (it did for me) and lessen cramps. If you are filling a sanitary product in 1 hour, go to the doctor and get checked out.

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With my first son my period wasn’t so bad and lasted a week with my second son I had terrible bleeding it would go through everything that lasted 6 days and then regular bleeding for another few days more. Just call your doctor to make sure especially since you experienced looks clots. Doesn’t hurt to call I did and he said it was normal but if im filling pads every 20-30 mins to give them a call. Good luck ! And congrats on baby

It’s pretty normal I bled for about 8 weeks after having my first child because she was 9 pounds 4 ounces but if you are concerned I would see ur ob

I have very heavy periods after having 2 kids. Soak through a pad or tampon in 2 hours now.

I used to work in OB/GYN and our protocol was always if you bleed more than 2 maxi pads per hour you need to be seen, or at least call and let the doctor know what’s going on so they can advise you on what to do.

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Your body changes after each pregnancy and birth. You will never have a period the same way after each.

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I bled extremely heavy on my first period, 8weeks after delivery. Cramping was just as intense as labor. So I’d say it’s normal as long as you aren’t soaking through a pad in an hr

Not sure about if it’s normal or not but this happened to me after my second! The period part not the excess bleeding after😔following this so I hope you find answers and let us know!

Keep an eye on bleeding soaking a large pad within an hour should be discussed with doctor- take iron supplement and eat high in rich iron foods such as broccoli and spinach etc

My first three were like that.