What causes intense dreams?

So I’m losing it… every night I’ve been having these crazy dreams. It’s of my husband cheating on me. Every night the same constant dreams. Idk if it’s because I’m taking Lexapro or what… he’s cheated on me years ago when we were engaged but that’s been forever ago. Idk where these dreams are coming from! My heart hurts when I wake up in the mornings. :pleading_face: I also had a dream last night I was pregnant with twins and it felt so real.


It’s because he’s doing it again.


Pregnancy dreams are weird as hell. I wouldn’t look too much into it. If I was you I’d figure out if you’re over being cheated on or if you need to work that out some more

I had been on Lexapro before & it can cause vivid, crazy dreams. I used to have them too and the dreams don’t actually mean he’s doing it just because you dreamt it.


Pregnancy does give vivid dreams… maybe you’re pregnant and you dont know.

I have those dreams too and my bf has never cheated but Ive was cheated on a lot before I met him. Maybe talk to him about it or therapy. But Medications can do reallllly weird things too.

You having those dreams simply because you think about it too much. About the whole pregnant with twins thing, doesn’t necessarily mean you will end up pregnant again. Pregnant with twins represent double the need of something in your life, or that you have less time for yourself and need more. Can also mean another path in life


If my husband cheated me even just once, I would leave his fucking ass! They do it once, they’ll do it again!!

He’s probably cheating on you again with multiple women.


Lexapro can cause that, but so can subconscious fears.


I kept having dreams I was cheating on my fiancé also. I would never do it but why am I having those dreams?

Look up the meanings. Could be your meds or subconscious. Dreams of pregnancy usually means an aspect of yourself or some area of your life that is changing or growing.

Being cheated on can affect you big time, specially your mental health. Maybe you have PTSD. The trauma of betrayal can also trigger memories of buried or unresolved emotional damage from the past. I really hope that’s not it, either way I hope it stops for ya :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lexapro screwed with me super badly, not in this specific way but it really did not work for me and made my ppd and ppa much worse… ended up switching meds, so maybe look into alternatives

Hormones and/or medication.
Make sure you’re not eating right before you go to sleep too and drink plenty of water.
If they persist try taking a Tylenol right before you lay down.

I would see if he’s cheating your subconscious mind knows something. It’s usually your gut telling you something.


Meditate before bed. You Tube has great videos to help.
Focus on positive thoughts and emotions to clear your mind.
But Lexapro and pregnancy cause insane dreams.

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I have dreams like that. Meds or no meds. Sometimes I’m upset for days. Sometimes I’m mad at him all day. If you’ve never had this problem before I’d say tell the doctor and ask him to switch your medication.

When I had dreams my ex was cheating, he was and i just hadn’t caught him yet. Hopefully for you it means nothing though.

Each time my man cheats I dream about it just before I catch him! I’m not saying your husband is cheating but maybe you should look into it

Lexapro causes crazy dreams lol, it’s the lexapro. Try explaining to him your medicine is causing crazy dreams and talk to him about it, it’ll make you feel better if you talk about it.

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I know whenever I am stressed and don’t realize it I have really crazy dreams also it could be the medication

Meds cause vivid dreams. So does not being over shit that happened to you. You think you’re over him cheating, but your sub conscious is saying nope.

Subconscious is trying to tell you something he my not be cheating… but maybe in the process of doing so.

Contact your doctor about your medication. Sometimes one works for one person but not another person. Start there.