What causes irregular periods?

I’ve felt pregnant for months now. I have normal periods, they start around the end of the month every month. I have took multiple pregnancy tests that all come up negative. I started my birth control on my last period last weekend. I can’t shake this hormonal/nausea pregnant feeling I had with my recent/first baby. Is this crazy? Any one else ever feel like this, what should I do


Make sure you don’t have a cyst

Get blood work done sometimes it shows pregnancy when a home test wont

Yes I felt that way. PCOS. I was diagnosed a few months later. Get bloodwork and ultrasound.

Could be cyst could be birth control threw hormones way out of wack. I’d go to dr

hormonal imbalance can make you feel pregnant when youre not

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Have them do blood work. I found out for my youngest at 19 weeks and a day after a few negative at home tests, it was lighter than a regular period but the dr told me you can have irregular bleeding while pregnant when your cycle is due but not an actual period. Very weird, but it went on for 7 months for me.

Go to the doctor. You need blood work. It can be the birth control side effects

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Birth control, cysts, or hormonal imbalances can mimic a lot of pregnancy. When my PCOS flares up it’s a lot like that.

I’ve been going through the same issues and was having serious cramping like couldn’t move bad. My doctor said everything was normal and said birth controls can give you cysts because of the hormone changes

Make you a Dr appointment.

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I felt like this when I would get ovarian cysts, but I don’t have PCOS

I had two periods before I found out I was 10 weeks pregnant :woman_shrugging:t3:


pcos I had surgery at the end of April to remove a big cyst waited till my next real period and started the pill my last period was light and nice seeing I was having them every 2 weeks since last Nov

I have endometriosis and feel like this constantly. Even on birth control. I have had six kids so I do know what being pregnant feels like completely, and even though I’m not pregnant, I still feel like I am. It’s a very weird experience. I would go to the doctor honestly. Hormones do funky things to the body.

I feel like that when i wanna be pregnant lol just cause i remember how i felt with my daughter. Then i get upset cause I’ll take a test and it’ll be negative

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Go to the doctor and get blood work done also have them check you for pcos or endometriosis as well as a cyst or infection

Could be that you started the birth control, I’ve felt nauseous, and sick when first starting. But just be sure visit your Dr for a clear answer :wink:

False pregnancy. Basically you want so desperately to be pregnant your mind kinda tricks you into thinking you might really be pregnant. I went through this for years. It took us 7 years to conceive our son and now we just had our daughter. It was frustrating and confusing to go through it and it makes you feel like you’re crazy but you’re not.

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Nothing because you’re not pregnant??

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Birth control makes you feel like crap also. Hormones kind of suck.

If you felt pregnant why would you take birth control? I mean some of these comments tho. I knew I was pregnant with twins, lost one in July and pregnancy tests kept coming up negative when I hadn’t had a period for months. October I was able to get in an appointment and the dr told me I didn’t have a uterus and days later ended up losing the other twin. So with my non uterus that the dr diagnosed me with I am currently 10 weeks pregnant. Demand blood work.

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Go to the dr. I knew someone this happened to and ultra sound proved she was pregnant

If you’re concerned have an ultrasound done

Shortly after I got my birth control, I couldn’t shake the feeling of being preggo either. Now, I knew there was no chance, but it was just a major feeling.
I would make an appt with an OB if you are really worried about it

Birth control has always made me feel like that. Your body may be just adjusting

This happened to me. I took a pregnancy test and there was one that came back negative and one that came back with the faintest faintest second line, went to the Dr and they took a test and said nope you’re not pregnant. Well they were wrong. My son will soon be 11 months. Go to the Dr♥️
*If you’ve felt like this for ‘months’ you would probably have a positive test by now

Go to your doctor and get a blood test done… It also could be your birth control…

Ho to yhe doctor have yourself checked out

Sorry that was go to the

Go to the Dr. My mom had something that caused her body to believe she was pregnant and she wasn’t I forget what it was called …

My mother had a full period for 6 months before she realized she was pregnant with me. I had a heart murmur and jaundice but otherwise healthy when I was born. They also said I was a boy. Lol.