What causes irregular periods?

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Sorry this is a bit lengthy but stick with me and help a Momma out lol!
My fiance and I are TTC. We have used no protection since June 19th. I had my period from June 21-27. On July 4th I had light cramping and on July 7th I had very light pink spotting so I assumed it was implantation bleeding…BUT I continued the same spotting all day on the 8th and then started more of a period like flow and color from June 9th-10th. Yesterday, the 11th, it was like the bleeding would be like a period and then it would go completely away for a few hours and then come back and go away again but it was like a burgundy color…same thing today…I have had a period like bleed (burgundy color) like twice today but that’s it and I had a pain in my lower left side near my ovary a few hours ago. I don’t know what is going on because my period isn’t due for 2 weeks and implantation bleeding or ovulation bleeding is nothing like this. I am so confused! Anybody been through a similar thing? My doctor can’t see me until August 1st and it’s not really an ER emergency…I’m just concerned really.


Get checked it could be a tubal pregnancy if the ovary pain continues go to the ER immediately.


Call your doctor right now.


My friend went thru this and she kept having regular bleedings. Little did she know she was 3 months pregnant, but her pregnancy was high risk. You should take a test & go to the doctor even if your regular doctor isn’t available.

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Go to the hospital and get check NOW. you maybe have an ectopic pregnancy which could be life threatening


I think you should take a pregnancy test as a good first step. If you have severe pain or extreme lightheadedness or fainting-I think those are the signs of an emergency situation.