What causes irregular periods?

Normal always on periods every month, last month had 3 periods for whatever reason, went to doctors about it and every thing came back normal, this month I haven’t had a period yet. I feel like I am on it, if that makes sense. I just feel different. Took two dollar store tests yesterday and both came back negative. What could be going on, I just feel weird.


It’s possible you have endometriosis ??? they have to do a biopsy to determine do some research on it

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Any kind of stress or chemical imbalance could definitely effect your periods. Mine were so irregular because of my BC and stressful situations. Hopefully you get it all figured out!

Honestly… an o.b. is best equipped to answer this… we dont know your age, health history, environment, stress factors etc… and that’s your private health info that noone besides you and dr should discuss. If you went to dr and everything looks normal but doesnt FEEL normal… I’d be a bit more persistent and request another visit with dr and kindly remind d them that you dont feel this is normal for YOU and that you would like a referral to a specialist or o.b in case it persists.


Look into polysistic ovaries I have this you can bleed all the time or not at all

Have u considered pcos?

Hormonal imbalance, this started happening to me when I was 33. They got further and further between and now I’m 38 and haven’t had a single period in almost 4 years.

If all results came back normal are you talking estrogen, progesterone? Or thyroid? Did you have a recent weight gain or loss? Did you have a baby/ miscarriage within 6 months? If all of what I mention is not an option or normal then very well could be your about to go through menopause. Its not hormonal imbalance if the results are normal. Push the issue to have ultrasound done. I am going through the same as you.

Sounds like me when my thyroid problem started. If you can’t get answers from your OB I would ask you GP to run a full thyroid panel including antibodies.

You need to make a appointment with a OBGYN

Have them check you for factor X it’s a insulin resistance. Metformin will clear that right up.

Get a smear done and swabs etc could be infection etc

Stress fluctuates hormones and periods!