What causes irregular periods?

Id say stress, just off my own life. 10+ day bleed might be miscarriage (was for me). They prob test your iron and hormones.

I would have some test run for pcos it could just be a hormone imbalance bc the birth control can effect you several months after having it removed.

It could be your thyroids. They did a blood test on me and that was the outcome.

Same thing happened to me when I came off birth control. Mine was hormonal and I just deal with it now instead of dealing with birth control since I have my tubes tied.

Helps your body naturally regulate your estrogen.

Go and see a specialist get it checked out.

I had my period lightly for fourteen days found it very off they did some blood work and told me I was having a miscarriage


Iron,stress, hormone imbalance maybe?

Irregular sentences.

Go see your Ob/Gyn…

Mine have never been regular, even after my kids. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 18, now at 30 the Dr’s are wondering if I have endometriosis too. I come on every 2 weeks without fail.
Write down everything and take it to the Dr x

Mine was because of hypothyroidism, but I get extreme pain with my periods so I’m on medication which stops me having them!

I had this issue but I had bad cramps and I have endometriosis. No cure only treating symptoms

If you are under a lot of stress that can throw things off. My stress levels used to to that to me before I got it back under control again


Stress, weight gain. Pcos. I have irregular periods, can go months without them. I’m now on the pill for that reason xx

Maybe it’s your thyroid.

Have your doctor check you for PCOS.

Have you ever been checked for pcos?


May need end ask doctor means cleaned out dnc

I am so confused by all these post. I am not usually one to say anything and I’m a mom so I get it but this definitely the wrong group

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Look up the group mirena good and the bad they can probably help you understand what is going on

This has turned into a parenting page. :v::wave:


What kind of group is this?


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My mirena got embedded in the Uterus and I had to have it surgically removed. I then went to the nexplanon, the arm implant. That worked wonderfully for the last 3 years.
However, now that I’m going on my 4th year my period stays on. Between January and May I have had a total of 2 weeks of no periods. But they weren’t 2 weeks straight, it was a day here or a day there. So basically it felt like it NEVER went off. It has been affecting my mood. Since I know, that I don’t want any more children, I’m team 1 and done, :joy::joy:, next week I’m going to get a tubal ligation, I’m over the birth control and the implants. I want freedom​:relieved:

I had Thyroid issues that messed with my periods. May be worth asking for a thyroid level check.

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I would say fibroids. That was what happened to me. My periods were always on the heavy side, but never lasted more than a week and were not manageable. Then all of a sudden my periods got super heavy and started lasting for several weeks at a time. My gyno said I had fibroids and I chose to get a hysterectomy to stop the bleeding.

Look into Endometriosis and be cautious of Estrogen that fuels that. Drs are difficult to help you get these diagnoses, so ensure to be proactive, it can prevent a lot of internal scarring and even infertility issues down the line, together with God awful surgeries often needed in ERs.
Speaking from experience, 26 yrs later still dealing with continued endo growth and on progesterone to reduce that, all 13 yrs post-Hysterectomy due to the severe Endometriosis. It can be a range of things. So don’t let anyone tell you it’s just women problems.


I had that after my second child and struggled for 3 years trying different bc and stuff ended up getting a tubal ligation and it made it worse. Ended up getting a hysterectomy and ended everything.

Cysts also makes everything irregular, including fibroids. I have both. You need a good gyno check up.

Thyroid issues will cause it also. I had trouble conceiving but did not learn why until my youngest was 3 yrs old and I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I am a 17 yr cancer survivor.

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I was bleeding 2-3 weeks out of a month. The doctor put me on a generic Seasonale pill and I am now regular and only get my period once every 3 months. I occasionally have some breakthrough bleeding on the off months but that’s nothing compared to bleeding for 2-3 weeks every month!

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Just hope your doctor is a women… they care more and understand us. I changed and it made a difference.


You might have fibroids. They can cause alot of problems for women. Everyone is different. I’m having a partial hysterectomy next month bc of 3 of them I have.

So for me I have always had regular heavy painful periods. Once I started becoming irregular, having break through bleeding, and worse cramping than normal I told my doctor and had a vaginal ultrasound done. It was found that I had 15 polyps and a uterine septum. Once the polyps and septum were removed my periods are much less painful and not as heavy and hardly any cramping. Hope they find out what’s going on for you!

My daughter had crazy periods. Three months with out on them be on for weeks. We went to the doctor and they suggested progestin birth control to stop them all together. She is not sexually active but she on a different Bc now and has regular periods.

I get really bad ovarian cysts that has cause mine to be irregular whenever I have a large one or I have multiple ones. Definitely something you want checked out though.

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Happens to me. I have PCOS and it causes all of that. I had a miscarriage 3 years ago and I’ve been super irregular, double periods, missed periods since

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Lots of things, stress, illness, hormones.

Yes. Just wondering if you strawberries. I’m waiting at Fred’s parking lot.

Go to the doctor. Everyone is different.

Fibroids are a possibility.

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Please stop posting these questions on Facebook and
refer them to an appropriate provider.

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Welcome to women hood

Did you get the Phizer vaccine. I know women I who have had it and it made them bleed more. Just a thought

Must be Covid related

Poor English teachers.

My irregular periods were due to polyps in my uterus! An ultrasound will be able to tell you. Then I had the D&C to remove them. All benign, no cancer. Period went back to normal

Thyroid can do this to you

Listen to your dr when u go

I have always had irregular periods. Like exactly how you described. Sometimes it’d even skip 3 months. It was all over the place. All my blood work and everything checks out normal so they just diagnosed me borderline pcos which makes sense bc I have extreme fatigue and weight gain/hard to lose weight, don’t ovulate all the time even with periods, ect.

Stress really does it to me. I’m not giving any medical advice but if you’ve been really stressed out it definitely doesn’t help.

Could be hormones, could be abnormal cells on your cervix. Get a PAP to rule that out!

This happened to me almost the exact way with all birth control. I switched to the pill and bled for 6 months straight. I had doc visits and ultrasounds to see what the issue was and nothing. I quit birth control I. General and i went back to regular periods however in the last month it’s gonna back to irregular bleeding which is always. Still have no answers! I’ve thought maybe implantation bleeding but I’m not pregnant that I know of. I have no symptoms so it’s weird. Good luck I hope you get answers!

Like you before I had my first child, mine came every month but i never knew when. I had my daughter and got pregnant with my 1st son 3 months later. After having him my periods went back to doing the same thing. I got on the ortho patch and controlled my periods. I stopped the patch in 2012 and then my periods started going all out of whack like you said, sometimes i would go 3 months without one. It was scary and confusing but it all boiled down to the birth control still being in my system, stress, weight, etc. I had my 3rd child almost 2 years ago and ever since, my periods come every month but still at different times. I have an app called Maya that helps a lot. Good luck!

Hi …you mite need a D. In C.its to clean you out…from having irregular periods…ok…

Go to your gynocologist. Now.

Seek dr advice dear. You might just ask if there is any possibility of endometriosis. As I know some women have that issue.

Yep I unfollowed the page. Only van see these comments bc of my comment

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I had fibroids and had them scraped out. Easy procedure and fixed the problem

This is a lot for Facebook, isn’t there 1-800 ask a nurse.

not even a nail page anymore :roll_eyes: smh :woman_facepalming:t3:


Stress is a big factor. And from what I heard sometimes the clips don’t work…I would go get check at the doc just to be sure.

Talk to your doctor dummy


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I don’t think that has anything to do with it. I had my tubes tied back in 2009 and my period was actually normal up until about 6 months ago. Most likely hormonal or stress related, but definitely make an appointment with your gynecologist to rule out anything major.

This page has lost it. Now its a Dumb questions page??


If you’re sterilized, you no longer have periods. If you release an egg, it can be fertilized.

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Omg omg omg i got my tubes cut and severed biggest mistake my periods were horrible then my menopause was worse big time horrible biggest and worst 10 yrs of my life…


Why ask that HERE???

There are groups for that!!!


Maybe consult a doctor rather than a nail page :woman_shrugging:


Pcos caused my irregular periods so can stress cause irregular periods too

I don’t understand what happened to this page??

Did I miss something??

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Is this a health page now? Girl ask your doctor


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Peri menopause perhaps


I got my tubes done the same way, my periods were so bad for yrs to come after. Next was a partial hysterectomy, that was the best thing I ever did.
I messed me up when I had another partial done. Flung me straight into menopause.

Depends on your age but could be the start of the menopause.

Endometriosis did this to me, also early menopause,for all I got sterilized they put me on the mini pill (pop) to help

Yes I started tracking my with an app bc I thought I was going crazy

talk t0 your Dr not face book

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Not my post… but… To those that respond with: Stop asking Facebook, could you be ever so kind to just skip over the post and not respond at all?

Some people do not have health insurance to see a physician. Some people work outside normal business hours and do not want to clog up their local ER with a non emergency. Some individuals have searched google and received conflicting information and have decided to reach out to other women who may have experienced the same issues.
It’s really no different than if your friend stopped by for lunch and started to describe medical issues and you offered your own advice to them… Respond with your experience and maybe at the end suggest NICELY to see a doctor if they are that concerned.

Sometimes snippy comments makes someone never want to seek out help again, even anonymously. Remember they can see what you write. Be kind.

I have thyroid issues and that causes irregular period. It could be that. You can have your thyroid checked

I don’t think being sterilised would interfere with your cycle, could be menopause, other health issues resulting in hormonal problems. Have a chat with your GP if you’re worried. Hope you’re ok

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This is something you need to consult with a GYN about because it could be a vast amount of things.

I could see why it would mess it up, isn’t that what the purpose of birth control is, is to stop the reproduction system? It’s the body tricking itself, thinking itself is pregnant when it’s not, that’s the way they explained birth control in high school, so I guess your body after sterilization is guessing, “oh I’m pregnant, oh no, I’m not! “:woman_shrugging: continually…

Yes n then had crazy heavy ones do just asked dr how about hysterectomy ? Best decision I made

Genetics, stress, PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, ovulatory disorders, thyroid disease & other auto immune diseases can all cause irregular cycles.
Hypothyroidism screwed up my cycles in the past.
If you are concerned about the root cause of irregular periods, go to the dr for testing. The birth control pill or hormone therapy (some women go on them to regulate cycles) is just putting a band aid over the real issue.

I noticed after I got my tubes burnt and clipped in 2018, my cycles are longer, they are always a few days early, I get menstrual migraines a day prior (that’s how I can tell its on its way). I guess its my norm now, also my is affected easily by stress now and it was never like that before.

I have started having a period 3 times a month since having my tubes removed

Vaccinated? Or close contact time with somebody who has been?
Vaccination AND Shedding is causing MANY world wide and recorded issues such as this.


Stress? Please go see a doctor.

Stress caused mine to go crazy & Energy Drinks

Is this what this page is about now ? Periods and miscarriages?! I’m out if that’s the case

I’ve had my tubes tied for almost 19 years. My cycles are often irregular and are extremely heavy.

Stress, thyroid issues, fibroids… food, medicines,… there’s a lot of stuff