What causes irregular periods?

don’t rely on a GP, get a referral to see a Gynecologist, and if that dr doesn’t have answers, go to a different one… sometimes you have to see multiple specialists to get any real answers… good luck!


A friend of mine was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer after bleeding for 12 weeks. I’d definitely go see a gynecologist.

I had the same issue and was given the mini pill or a high dose of progesterone to stop the bleeding and had a ultrasound to find out I had uterine fibroids and a massive ovarian cyst. I am now on a progesterone birth control until I can hopefully just get a hysterectomy.

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Get to a gyno ASAP!!! Or even go to planned Parenthood, they should be able to give you something to stop it. You may need to go for a progestin only pill, I went through the same thing in 2016. I also had to stop taking Tylenol and only take ibuprofen for a while and it finally stopped.

Get a second opinion. Depending on your age and risk for cancer get screened for it. My mother in law went undiagnosed and had stage 4 colon cancer so please get screened for all cancers

I would start my own iron tablets to help build the blood and Vitamin K. You need to go to a different Dr who will check for endometriosis and complications from that. I am going thru cancer. I just had a complete hysterectomy 6 weeks ago. I am not saying you have cancer but one of the questions they kept asking was do you have abnormal bleeding. Get a Dr that will refer you to an oncologist for gynecology, it is not comfortable but it could answer a million questions and perhaps save your life down the road.

Same!!! Had the merenia for a few years due to heavy periods…worked great until it didn’t. Bleed for 2 months straight…test after test proved i had cervical cancer stage 2 binary…if it wasn’t for me bleeding forever I would have never known

Unfortunately you need to visit a number of doctors until, hopefully, you find one that actually cares that you are ill. My opinion of “health care workers” is just one notch above pond scum. Not a popular opinion and I have been pilloried a number of times for posting it.


Could be pcos but that’s quite the jump for not having tests done. I had extensive tests done to get diagnosed with pcos. Go to a different doctor before you end up needing a hysterectomy before you even want one

After I had one of my kids , that happened to me . The Dr. put me on the pill. It only made it worse , so I stopped taking any and it finally stopped . Check to see how your iron level is . You may need some suppliments !

I have pcos I went through a lot of different types of birth control before I found one that helped. Even then it didnt really help.

Im currently going through something similar (although worse) if poster would like to message me they are more than welcome too.

I have pcos diagnosed at 12… do you have other symptoms

You need to have your hemoglobin checked for sure. If it’s too low you will need a transfusion.

This happened to me and I finally had to have a hysterectomy to get it to stop.

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Medical is different in different countries. Mine was immediately ultrasound and they found fibroids that were growing long and their tips irritated the womb walls. Doc did a day surgery to burn castrate off the fibroids. But warn that they will grow back.

I had to have a hysterectomy at 27. I would go 6-8 weeks straight stop for 5-7 days and go another 6-8 weeks. I did this for 3 years and the doctors tried multiple forms of birth control pills, and eventually started giving me Depo injections to help. I got my first 2 shots 3 months apart, then went to monthly, and within a year I was getting them weekly. I started bleeding to the point I started blacking out and became Anemic. Eventually the doctors said that I had severe fibroid tumors and decided it was time to do an ablation. However while doing the procedure a doctor found that I actually had cancer cells and within days I was sent in for the hysterectomy. Due to the doctors not taking the problem serious at the time the cells had already spread to my lymph nodes to my groin area. I ended up 3 surgeries, 4 drain tubes, and unable to use my left leg for 6 months. I am now 50 and am on a hormone patch, have severe swelling to my legs from the lymph nodes (9) being removed, and have hip and thigh pain with muscle damage. If I would have listened to my body and demanded the doctors figure it out sooner instead of just trusting them I probably wouldn’t be in constant pain. Please don’t just let them do a quick diagnosis without a complete work up, because the long term damage can be life changing.

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Get an ultrasound and a blood test done.

Definitely see a gynaecologist it’s not normal and the pill etc is their first line of defence because gp don’t know everything

I had this problem as well. I needed a higher dose birth control.

Go to another doctor and keep going until they listen. You have to strongly advocate for yourself!

you need to go back to a Dr(preferably an OBGYN) asap you cant just let it go on…

When ihad that issue i was prescribed Tranexamic acid, which did work to slow flow and even shorten the cycle

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How does it classify as TMI? If you’re not up to life’s many quizzical turns, curiosities, off colour conversations, challenges and other odd topics, you should clearly state so. Why are questions about the female body, TMI? Are you a man?

Could also be menapause starting early…but see a dr now

Did they go to their primary doctor or an obgyn?

If you have had the shot or are regularly around someone who has, there have been many many reports of women having these problems.

Youi had thaa may need a dnc to clean you out I had that with my 1st son

Don’t leave it,get another opinion,and insist on getting a scan done.

Sounds like you need to see a better doctor that possibly have to have a hysterectomy sorry

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get a second opinion. there’s obviously something really wrong. go to a different doctor and get a thorough exam.

Go to a different Dr. Don’t wait.


Did you get the covid vaxx? My friends and I all had weird period side effects for a few mos after.

I needed a hysterectomy to fix same problem .

I need to find another doc. U r anemic I’m positive and until u get that under control u will continue to bleed. Please find another doc ASAP. God bless

See an ob/gyn. They may recommend an ablation.

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Go back to your doctor. If they dont help you, go fpr another opinion.

Think you need a hysterectomy honey x

You may have fibroids. They can wreak havoc on your cycle

I had this for a year straight! I bled through tampons, pads and my clothes, it gushed blood and huge clots. Tried a ablation didn’t work, ended up with a hysterectomy. I was 45/46


Go to The Doctor That’s nothing to mess with with that much blood loss

This happened to me. It was my thyroid

Get another opinion!!! This is not normal.

Get a different doctor. One who listens to you.

You just need to go back to see a Dr

This happened to me years ago but I did find out with test that I have pcos and I need a birth control where the hormones change weekly

Mirena works 2 stop all the bleeding.

I was the same, and after having 3 blood transfusions I finally had the mirena placed inside and I haven’t had that problem since, plus my gynecologist says it prevents cervical cancer.

Find a nother Dr. That’s not right or good!

It’s not normal you need to see a specialist

You need to get to a gyn immediately.

See a different doctor!!?

Sounds like endometriosis

Your iron levels will be low causing you to be tired. I had to constantly fight with my Drs and in the end I got really angry and told them no one is listening and I’m not leaving until I have a referral to a Gyno. So fast forward to today and it turned out I had a huge fibroid (that the drs were saying was only small and couldn’t possibly be causing all that much pain :roll_eyes:) and a condition call adenomyosis causing my uterus to be twice the size it should have been and extremely painful period that put me in bed for days. So I guess my advice is if you feel something isn’t right with you fight back and demand referrals and just keep going back until they do something. I live in a rural town so health care here isn’t great and we don’t really have a selection of top drs so I had to fight even harder for them to listen.

You need to get a 2nd opinion, this isn’t good.

Go to doc until they refer you. You may need a D&C because this is NOT normal and will make you feel very unwell if not treated

I was diagnosed with fibroid uterine tumors which caused heavy bleeding ( and blood clots the size of golfballs. Dr. said a hysterectomy will fix it.

Get other opinion from another GP

I had to have a dnc to get mine undercontrol but I had a good dr

Tell your Doctor you want every blood test done, asap. Don’t take no for an answer. Blood tests can tell alot.

Go to another Dr. You could die

Actually they are saying that this is happening a lot of woman who are unvacinnated around a vaccinated person indoors for a time.

I had that happen I had to have a hysterectomyback in 81

Go back to Dr r to a new one

There’s never a Tmi…??

can’t this be an indication of cancer?

You are in the wrong place.
104 people who are not doctors are going to give you medical advice and you are seriously going to take it? Have you heard the phrase “2nd Opinion”, go to a different doctor and keep going until you get someone who knows what they are talking about! Never get Medical advice from people who dream it up, make it up, pass it along from someone she knew when she was 12!!!
For goodness sake!!! Someone has to tell you this???

Go to a doctor and find out, don’t second guess your body


My friend had this issue and it turned out she had fibroids.

Get a diff doctor. Google.

I would get a second opinion ASAP. These symptoms are also very typical of fibroids. They are not malignant but can multiply and will simply keep growing without intervention causing increasingly heavy blood loss. I would not just accept a diagnosis of PCOS without tests and investigation.


Have you had a transvaginal ultrasound? Go to your gyno ASAP. You definitely need checked. I’m having similar issues myself and that’s what was ordered for me. Still waiting for results.

Sounds like fibroid tumors. If you are done having children, I’d suggest discussing a hysterectomy with your Dr. Good luck!

I had adenomyosis and fibroids and same thing. The only thing that helped was having an endometrial ablation.

Go back to your doctor! Everyone’s body is different! Don’t ask strangers for health advice!

Go. Back. To. The. Doctor. For real, how is this even a question?

What the heck that’s kind of personal to put on Facebook why not consult a Dr

How old are you
Could it be early menopause?

Talk to your dr about taking iron tablets and getting some blood work done.
Consider also asking for a gynaecologist referral too

Get checked for fibroid tumors .

Talk to another doctor…

She doesn’t know what PCOS is. My granddaughter has it. She had one period at age 13 and then nothing. Doctor gave her a hormone to cause another, it did for about 3 days, very light. Months went by without another. She gained 100 pounds in one month while throwing up everything she ate and having diahrea. She also had pain in her lower abdomen that became unbearable. We took her for tests, they found a mass on her left ovary. They thought it could be cancer, she was admitted to hospital in cancer ward, operated on and found a 9 centimeter cyst that had burst but still stayed inside the cell wall, it had twisted her fallopian tube which caused the pain. It was removed, we went to a doctor her new doctor suggested, a fertility doctor who also specialized in PCOS. He put her on metformin and birth control pills. She started having monthly periods. With some help from Ozempic, she has lost over 100 pounds. She will have to stay on metformin all the time, as 50% of PCOS patients end up with diabetes. She also was found to have an under active thyroid, prescribed medicine for that and it has helped a lot. She probably won’t be able to have children but its ok with her as she also has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and doesn’t want to pass on her genetic issues to another generation. PCOS causes you to not have periods. I would look more at Endometriosis as a possibility. Also fibroids can cause heavy bleeding. You need a better doctor.

It’s call Endometrios

Find a different doctor. A specialist.

I’ve had the same issues no one ever seemed concerned. Iron supplements help with the exhaustion. I did depo just to make it stop

Fibrioids do I had those and never stopped…get to a Dr for a checkup

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I had that and it ended up being a tumor on one of my ovaries. When they took it out they said it was the size of a volleyball. I looked and felt pregnant but bled heavily all the time. I had a hysterectomy at that time, best decision ever.

7 months here. The culprit is fibroids and I am about to head out to have my partial hysterectomy.

Get on the pill so you can control your periods and try to regulate it… there are pills you can take that stops it too…

endometriosis and pcos can cause this also if there is a large fibroid which are generally benign it could cause this as well I have all three and it is horrifying.

Take iron because I guarantee you are anemic I get this way in one week I bleed that bad, it will definitely help with feeling fatigued but unfortunately coming from someone who goes through it it is very exhausting even on iron

You should definitely get checked again Maybe the hormones in the birth control you were prescribed is not right for your body.

Prayers for answers!!

I tried birth control for heavy and very painful periods and I held for over a month and passed clots the size of my palm no lie. The doctor tried medicine to make it stop it didn’t work so I had to get a d&c to stop it then a endometrial ablation. Which he said should stop my periods and pain it was okay for a while but I ended up having to get a hysterectomy. So you could ask for medicine to help or try the ablation only if you’re done having kids. But seems like you may need a new doctor as well. Good luck.

Two years ago I bled every day for 5 months. They tried stopping it with birth control, didn’t work, then they tried another hormone pill stronger than birth control, didn’t help, then they scheduled me ultrasounds to find out why, like if I had polyps or cysts or anything… nothing found… except that my uterus was making more lining in my uterus for some reason… ended up having a ablation procedure that basically Cauterizes the inside of your uterus when they do this however you won’t ever have a period again or if you do it’s extremely light and you won’t ever be able to get pregnant which is fine for me because I already had four children and in my 40s anyways… best procedure I’ve ever had done. It was a quick outpatient procedure and i I don’t have periods at all really

Fibroids made mine irregular. I would definitely get a 2nd opinion. Your dr should be doing blood/hormone tests and ultrasound to look inside.

Go back to your doctor

Maybe see a new GYN. Remember they are 'working ’ for you, not the other way around. If you still are having problems & she doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it. Find a new Dr

Get a second opinion. Your iron levels can drop so low you could pass out.

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You can have her check your thyroid levels. I’ve been going through the same thing and they just put my on bc but it never worked and I was very persistent. And we found out my levels were too high causing bleeding and lots of other symptoms.

Pos or endometriosis can cause this, ask for a referral to a specialist gyno for a exploratory laporoscopy. That’s when they found my endo and cysts and such

Definitely back to the doctor. Get all your labs checked and see a GYNE if your doctor isn’t taking it seriously. That’s crap. Something is causing it.

I did that high risk for birth control i ended up havig an emergency D and C after that it settled down some but soon started agin do not wait see a good OBGYN tests etc til you get to the problem