What causes irregular periods?

I had periods like that from day one with Ednometriosis back in the 1960’s. Was not diagnosed until 1971. They put me on Birth control pill at the end I was on 60 Birth control pills a day. In June 1975, at age 20 I had a hysterectomy.

Go to the hospital NOW.

It’s normal to have a slightly heavier period after child birth that will go back to normal or close to normal after 2-4 cycles. They should not be getting heavier. Being tired is also a sign of to much blood lost.

Go to the ER they will give you Provera it will stop the bleeding. This happened to me once I feel for you it really sucks

My mom bled for about a month and went to the Dr and had cervical cancer. Not saying that’s what it is but please go get a second opinion and have them run every test.

My 15 year old did this. They started her on b.c and it helps

I’m not a mom but before my hysterectomy this was happening to me and I do have PCOS. The Medicine that really worked for me was trans anemic acid. There was a huge change. I hope that helps

I had the same problem for years my periods will last 15 to 20 days a month. I had an endometrial abrasion, this stoped the heavy bleeding. Go see your gynecologist

It takes a couple months for your body to adjust to the birth control. Maybe that is why. Some birt controls also increase periods

Fibroid can be a cause in my case ended up being Fibroids and cervical cancer…gd luck mama

Make an appointment with a gynaecologist. My sister is going through the same thing and her GP was no help at all. She got so bad she needed iron transfusions last week. Good luck!

I have had this, n still go through it from time to time. Mine is caused by cysts n tumors on the reproductive organs. Maybe ask someone to look into that…

Your doctor is crap! I have pcos and that was diagnosed after having an mri to check for tumors on my petuitary gland AND an ultrasound that actually showed cysts. I’m not saying its not pcos, it could be but you need proof of that. Personally I found the only contraception that helped with that was the copper iud as it has no hormones. You need ultrasounds, blood tests (hormone levels and thyroid) Excessive bleeding is also a sign of endometriosis so Definitely see another doctor and get an ultrasound to see what’s going on in there.


I couldn’t even read after bleeding for two month. You need to go to er to have your heart checked. My sister has a condition like that and her options for healthy living is hysterectomy or death. That is serious. Please go see a doctor asap. Good luck

If you live near a teaching hospital,make an appointment with their ob/gym clinic. They should be able to help you.

I have both pcos and endometriosis so definitely find a specialist who does endo not just a regular gyno who does ablation ! Took me over 10 years so do your research well

You need to have an ultrasound done, get a second opinion. (Experience from previous years of working at an obgyn) they don’t diagnose you with pcos without at least an ultrasound.
Birth control can also take upto 3 months for you body to adjust to it.

This is happening to me as we speak. A month straight of bleeding, doctor says my thyroid is to blame, suggested the IUD, waiting on blood work to come back. I am SOOO tired and the amount of blood is just unbelievable. Leaving my house isnt an option at this point due to the fear of the rush of blood coming through my super plus tampon and then pad. If my gyn doesnt come back with answers this week to the hospital I will be going.
Hopefully you are able to find answers as well! Good luck!

I had fibroids and the depo jab was massively helpful for me

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Talk to them about an ablasion
I wasn’t candadite at the time. I was put on pill for same thing and it didn’t work, changed to different pill, which affected my blood pressure. Decided stroke risk wasn’t worth it, so now I just deal with it. Always prepared and have my bloodwork regularly to make sure no issues

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Go and see a Gynaecologist your iron levels are probably low which will make you very tired push for answers I had very heavy periods as does one of my daughters but our doc is awesome and I was very happy to start menapause at 40 finished by 42 good luck beautiful lady

Pelvic ultrasound, referral to a gynecologist asap, progesterone may help if your Dr will prescribe, not sure why he or she hasn’t tried it yet. The birth control would have a better chance of working to stop the bleeding if it had been ordered a different way…ie take 3 pills for 3 days, 2 for 2 days then 1 a day. IUD will likely help for abnormal uterine bleeding but it may take some time. Take an iron supplement, a good one, ask the pharmacist which one. You may need an iron transfusion or blood transfusion at this point. You need a dr that can care for you properly. Gynecologist asap!

My mom had excessive bleeding for a few months … ended up leaving the supermarket straight to emergency surgery… she had a cyst that formed on her ovary the size of a orange that caused it … they did a full hysterectomy at age 50 … scared us all she lived another 24 years :+1:

I went through something very similar. I had a period that lasted 6 and 1/2 months one time. Went to 5 doctors. They put me on birth control, didn’t help, gave me a couple of different shots…didn’t help. One doctor told me that I just kept ovulating. It just had to wear itself out. I had become enemic and was sleeping 20 hours a day. But it finally passed. This was back in 1981, 82. They thought it might have been toxic shock syndrome. I never used tampons again

I have pcos and endometriosis! Birth control has been the only thing that has helped me

This is definitely not normal and can be a inner of things … get a second and third opinion from a top obgyn

Please be careful- I’m going through this too - I have lost so much blood I had to have blood transfusions and I’m having an emergency hysterectomy next week. Prayers!!!

Fibroid tumors. Bleeding never stops, it gets worse over time never better. D&C. They need to do an ultrasound to rule it out. Next would be bloodwork to make sure you aren’t anemic.

Have your Iron checked. Bleeding excessively will lower your iron numbers and make you exhausted.

Did you get a covid vaccine shot? Many women are experiencing this following the shot.

Just a question but have you recently had your covid vaccine?

How old are you? Almost at menopause?

You need to get a second opinion ASAP from a ,FEMALE OB/GYN. If you don’t make a connection, find another one. You need someone who takes the time to do a full physical with all the tests to figure out what will be most helpful to both you and the physician, NOT a PA or a nurse practitioner❗
Good luck…

Get an OB Gyn Dr. if you haven’t all ready. You could be getting anemic.

I had to get a hysterectomy

Me! It was a cyst on my uterus that was the length of my uterus. Hi to the ER- I almost died from bleed out.

Get another dr. Ask about an ablation. Now

Kaiser said I was going through early menopause at 32 without testing me. Offered birth control pills to me, I didn’t want to take pills. They didn’t do anything for me! I changed my health insurance to UnitedHealthCare. I told my new dr that I’m bleeding heavily because I’m going through early Meno. He asked if Kaiser tested my hormones. I said they didn’t even give the option. Dr tested me. He said I am not going through early menopause AT ALL! I had fibroids. I had them removed. My periods were controllable. A New life. Then at 54, heavy periods happened again. I was tested again. I was going through menopause w too much estrogen. Dr prescribed me Magace (which is progestogen) for six months. I haven’t had a period for 5 months. No meno symptoms either of hot flashes, weight gain, dryness. Just freedom. While you have this problem … Amazon sells period underwear that will not leak. They saved me from menstrual embarrassment and my bed sheets.

See a different doctor!

Need to be seen by a gynaecologist soon. Probably endometriosis.

I would suggest hounding that doctor of yours and get her to run blood tests on you, and check for anything she can. Because that is NOT normal or okay, at least not for me. I just had my son a month ago, so I’ve been bleeding for about that long now, I’ve been put on antidepressants so I’ve been feeling okay now. I’m sure that their people that have had this exact thing happen. I just hope that the best outcome shows to you. Please keep us updated on how you are and I hope you get better soon.:pray::hibiscus:

Go back to your doctor

Have they done a pelvic ultra sound or any other type of tests. I would get that done. Get another drs word. They can do hormonal blood tests to check levels etc. I hope this helps.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes irregular periods?

Could be that you are pregnant :thinking: just wait and see what they say next week. Ask them to do an ultrasound might see something on that. Xx


Yep… I bled for 17 weeks straight.
I never got answers. :roll_eyes:

You can see a baby extremely early thru ultra sound request a ultrasound. You wouldn’t feel kicking till your in your send tri tho. Usually they would do a couple blood test to see if your levels are doubling or going down or if there even moving at all to determine that

I hate to say this because I work in healthcare and truly believe in modern medicine and vaccines, but a lot of women have reported this issue after receiving the covid vaccine. While I am not against taking it, it’s just something interesting I have heard.


Stress, pcos, being overweight (not say you are) just basically anything can cause irregular periods if you got the covid vaccine it causes infertility


My daughter goes thru irregular periods. Straight 3 months tapers off and starts over for another 3 months. Doctor gave her a pill to stop it and it did, but it came back a few weeks later. Can’t get a straight answer. So she deals with it she finally stopped. It’s aggravating for her, she refuses to get it dealt with, because they can’t find anything wrong. At age 15 and 16 similar scenario she slept in the tub because she went thru 3 packages of pads in 1 night. Then it stopped. Until the last year

I would def request a ultrasound. But just my experience not sure if you used depo but when I had my son I got my shot in the hospital before discharge and I literally bled for almost 5 months straight and then stopped bleeding and didn’t have a period for like 4 months. Needless to say I wasn’t pregnant but the depo shot def screwed me up period wise and I never took it again still to this day I have irregular periods sometimes 2 in a month

Can I ask how old you are? Sometimes it has to do with menopause. I have heard that you can bleed for days or months due to this. You should look into bc there are many more symptoms you may be experiencing that you have no idea of


Also get ultrasound or xrays if they haven’t. There are many things that can cause a false positive on pee tests and if this happens to be one of them early detection is a key.

I hope all ends up well for you and it turns out to be a big scare over nothing much. :pray:t3:

It’s best if you get an second opinion on this from another doctor

Did any doctor mention endometriosis?? Is more common then we think and the only way that you really can find out is having laparoscopic surgery to check your organs inside.

Might be endometriosis.

Go to a doctor, let them know your vax status

How about getting an ultrasound?

Check to see if you have fibroids or cysts…they didn’t do an ultrasound

Yes with my 3rd one i did they was going to go scrap him out but i missed the appointment come to find out i was pregnant all a long

My aunt went through this… Your likely pregnant esp if u have other symptoms (sore enlarged boobs etc)

Ask for an ultrasound…

Covid jabs, this is all I am hearing at the moment…

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Had my period like clock work.
Found out I was pregnant at 3 months. Still had a period for 2 more months

Ask for a ultrasound

I follow this page for pretty nails.

Cyts, fibroid/s, endometreosis & Adenomyosis, are a few that could cause it. I’d demand further test starting with both ultrasounds

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I had this same issue over 20 years ago. I tested positive as pregnant but started bleeding and went to ER. Emergency room sent me home to bleeding more. In about 3 days I was in so much pain and was transported by ambulance to a different hospital where I had ruptured tubes due to the Tubal Pregnancy that they missed. I lost 4 pints of blood, had to get a transfusion and Emergency surgery because of the internal bleeding. Be careful. Next day the doctor said I was a miracle case.

With my second son I had a period every month up til 6 months.

Ultrasound and keep us updated

Have they done a vaginal ultrasound?

I had tumors and fibroids all over, that was making me bleed so bad I was close to get blood transfusion, the doctor said I had 2 options take them things out with surgery, but that was not guaranteed that they would come back or hysterectomy. Hysterectomy was my choice since I was not planning on having any more children, let me tell you I don’t miss my painful periods and having to put on an super+ tampon and a pad or put an extra cover on my bed so it won’t go through my mattress

Your age is one of the first most relevant things to look at to make an educated guess :woman_shrugging:t2:

Sounds like u have fibroids

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes irregular periods?

I’m wondering the same thing, the last few months I’ve started while still on the regular pills and not the placebo pills… :-1:t3:

I had two surgeries for this. Get an ultrasound to make sure you don’t have any cysts or polyps.


How old are you? Premenopause?

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I had something slightly similar back when I was 20. I had my first child and got the depo shot. I bled for 9 months straight. My doctor had no idea what was going on with me. I ended up going to the hospital and they told me to take iron pills. My bleeding went back to normal. And I never got that shot again lol

My period reversed for over a year (3 weeks on 1 week off) it turned out to be pcos. I tried an iud to stop it and it fell out. Shortly after I went on the mini pill and knock on wood have been normal since. Damn hormones :neutral_face:

Try going to a doctor maybe, instead of asking Facebook

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I had Fibroids that caused me to bleed for a year straight It took the 4th doctor I went to, to figure out what was wrong. He was an older doctor who was getting ready to retire but was the only one that ordered an ultra sound with water being flushed through my uterus, which is what showed. I had an out patient DNC to remove most of them. Good luck I know it’s frustrating. Be sure to watch your iron levels too. Mine got dangerously low from all the blood lose.

It can be genetic, pcos, thyroid problem, uterine cysts, uterine polyps, endometriosis.
I had crazy irregular periods & they found out my TSH was sky high and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

I was checked for cysts when this happened, did a transvaginal ultrasound, came back clear. Found out a month later I was 11 weeks pregnant with twins. They were too small to see at the time with the ultrasound. But if you’ve been tested, I couldn’t imagine that many tests being wrong.

Your best to go to your doctor be frefered to a gynecologist have an ultrasound sound done. To see if there is a baby there or cysts ect.

I had periods up to around 7 months with my 3 children. Had no idea I was pregnant with any until my breasts began to change. Even ran a half marathon with one, haha. So, you could be pregnant. I didn’t produce enough of the hormone that stops periods ( the same one that causes morning sickness I think)

Hormones are out of whack

Yes n ended up tubal pregnancy and a interuterine pregnancy yes 1—20,0000 happens to they took tube out almost ruptured 2 months along n my other son was born c section few months later ! Weird but I got ultrasounds n proof - one baby in tube had removed sad but reasons unknown happened

This women is curious as to see if any other females have gone thru what she is going thru. I will never understand how women are ready to put her down instead of bringing her spirits up.


Sounds similar to what I have PCOS.


It all has to do with what’s going on with u… it has to do with stress weight depression… my are irregular all the time… there are times when I can go for months with out having my period and when I finally get it it flows so heavy I have to wear tampons and pads for very heavy for and I sometimes still wet trough … like u I went to doctor’s and did test and they never got to the bottom of it … to this day it still like that but it’s not that bad any more… and yes I still had normal pregnancy but during my pregnancy I still had little spotting every month… weird huh… not all people are the same everyone is different mind body and soul

I just went through a lot the first three months of this year. It wasn’t pregnancy test’s related, but irregular periods. Did the trans vag ultrasound and they found thickening around uterus, and polyps. Had a d&c and mirena put in and seems to have helped. Maybe a second opinion dr???

You won’t feel kicks till the second trimester. Its physically not possible in the first trimester.


Could be cysts, polyps, or tumors though. I have this happen a lot with ovarian cysts.

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Not to start a huge debate or anything but if you’re not getting answers anywhere else you might want to look into the covid vaccines and the effects on women who have had them as well as women who have been around vaccinated women.
They are shedding the vaccine and it’s affecting non-vaccinated women as well. Causing extensive bleeding, heavy periods, etc.
you CAN look all this up. There are several resources. Including the CDC VAERS website.


Have them check your thyroid levels too…it can cause irregular periods

November and December 2017 I was like that, spotting all the time while on the pill. This had happened before, but not as frequently. I had talked to my dr prior. I decided to go off the pill at that time. And I was off birth control until the summer of 2019, when I had an IUD inserted. Fast forward to October of 2020…. I was diagnosed as having Adenomyosis (similar to Endometriosis).

Happen to me. I found out when I felt the baby kick after being told I couldn’t conceive.

A scan would soon tell you.

My periods have been off for months, not pregnant, and have had more UTIs this year than ever before. I agree with Meri Conroy and not to start anything. But I know 4 people this has also affected and we used to get our periods like clockwork.

I would definitely get checked for cysts, but I had this problem once and turns out my hormones were all out of whack, they put me on the pill and it evened out.