What causes irregular periods?

I need some advice… sorry about the TMIs. My periods have been kinda messed up lately. I had my period January 23rd-26th, then I started again on February 17th-20th, which is only 16 days apart. Had another period on March 5th-8th. I thought I was starting my period yesterday, March 29th. Had bright red blood but the bleeding stopped before I went to bed. I haven’t had any bleeding so far today, March 30th. This is really odd for me and I’ve never experienced this before. I can usually tell you within a couple of days when my period is due. I have the paragard IUD and have had it since August of 2017. It’s non-hormonal. Should I be worried or make an appt with my doctor? Anyone have any ideas as to what could be going on? I think stress may have been a factor when my periods were only 16 days apart but I haven’t been stressed out lately. I plan to at least take a pregnancy test first thing Monday morning when my fiance is at work! (I don’t want to tell him anything unless there is actually something to tell. He worries too much lol.) Any advice/input is greatly appreciated!!


My sister had terrible bleeding with the paraguard and had it removed.

I had IUD and it caused 2 periods a month so I had it removed. All the implants even the arm one seems to do that to me. I had a short light period in December and was pregnant and am 17 weeks now. But I was no using any birth control. I’d guessed based on the info provided it’s your IUD messing with your cycle.

Any changes in exercise, weight gain/loss, food changes, sleep changes or stress? Anything like that will throw your cycle off for a little bit…