What causes irregular periods?

Hello! I’m just going to ask this again.
I know taking a test would get me answers, but I’m getting negatives. I’m in that position where “waiting” is basically all I have to do, and I’m losing it and I want answers so I’m going to ask this again and hopefully I’m not flooded with “take a test”. And someone commented on my last post that “if you’re having sex, then you could be pregnant” well, we all wish it could work that way but usually it doesnt so :woman_shrugging::roll_eyes:.
Anyways. I have always been regular, and since I track my period it’s easy to see how regular I am. My cycle is 26 days long, my period lasts 6 days…every month. I checked all the past months and they all say the same. The issue is that I’m currently on day 39 of this cycle…no period. I’ve even been wearing a pad just in case (went through the pack I bought for this period actually…). I’m not stressed, just go to work (daycare) and home with my hubby. Everything has been fine, nothing stands out to me that would tip off my period (aside from sex).

What is your opinion on the information above?
Bare with me. Just want answers.
Thank you.


There could be a number of factors. Diet and environment can absolutely cause irregularities in your cycle. Even allergies. My sister in law has horrible allergies and it has affected her, as she found out from her Gynecologist. I know you mentioned taking tests and getting negatives but sometimes home pregnancy tests are inaccurate. Im assuming you live in the U.S. If you don’t have insurance or want a quick and low cost confirmation, I’d suggest making an appointment at Planned Parenthood for a blood test. They can tell you immediately if it’s negative so you can rule that out and continue your search on why your cycle has been off. Good luck.