What causes irregular periods?

I am 25, I got my tubes tied in August of last year. Since then, my periods have fluctuated by a couple days… no big deal. This month, I am a week late. I took a pregnancy test and it is negative (I don’t have pregnancy symptoms either). Has this happened to any of you?

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So many things can affect your period. Stress, hormones, etc. I wouldn’t worry about it. If you still don’t get it in about another week I would call your GYN and make an appointment.

I got my tubes tied 9 years ago and since then my periods have been very irregular… I sometimes don’t get one for 2-3 months… or bleed for 20 days…

Yeap…every 2months I’m late…some are 7days some are 2days…

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Sometimes getting tubes tied can throw you in early menopause. It happened to my mom when i was younger

Lord yes :unamused: I had my tubes removed 3 years ago. My period used to be on time every month since I was 10 but after the procedure they started to vary. Sometimes I’ll go up to 2 months without a period and when I do get it, it’ll last 2 weeks. My doctor recommended the pill but so far I’ve chosen not to get on it.

It took me over a year for my periods to be normal after my tubal. One week I’d bleed the next I’d stop. Or I’d bleed for 5 weeks then stop a couple days then start again. I’m finally for the most part normal now. Now that my baby is 19 months. Just hang in there it’ll straighten out

I got a tubal ligation and I have a period every 6-12 weeks. So irregular. It’s ok. If there is no egg that comes down your body will hold off the “shedding” until it’s to much than shed. Body is just “waiting” for an egg to come down to do its process.