What causes irregular periods?

Looking for advice or others experiences…I’m 30, Mom of 2 (ages 3 & 6) have never had any problems or irregularities until recently. My period is 3 months late. I’ve taken at home tests that say I’m not pregnant… having period like cramping for last 2 weeks but still nothing…has anyone else ever had anything like this happen? Thank you ladies


Well I’m only 21 but I was normal after I had my son and then I didn’t have one for a couple months and all the home test said not pregnant but I was still have issues so I call my OBGYN and did a blood test. And I am currently 26 weeks.

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After a certain level the sticks cannot handle the hcg . Blood test is the only way to confirm. It dilute your pee with one part per and 10 parts water and retest

Go to a doctor could be infection

I would go to doc for sure, I had my period every 4 mths because of cysts and endometriosis

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I know a woman who got 5 negatives and was actually pregnant

Set up a doctors apt. Could be an infection. Could be pregnant and somethings wrong with your levels. It could be anything

check for ectopic pregnancy

Yes… this happened to me and I was pregnant…but It could also be a totally different health reason. Go get blood work done.

Stress can cause you not to have a period

I didn’t have serious for three months before I found out I was pregnant and I was only 8 weeks when I found out. It was strange because the entire time I had negative tests

I know you’re really young but it could also be menapause my grandmother was only 25