What causes irregular periods?

After having my daughter I started having incredibly heavy periods. Soaking through “super” tampons every 30 mins. This went on for a year and I’m still breastfeeding. I decided to get the progesterone IUD to help manage my periods. One week after getting the IUD I started my period right on schedule. I noticed it was much lighter. I’m now on day 36 of light bleeding/spotting. My face is broken out but starting to clear a little. I also am incredibly exhausted. I’ve been drinking 3-4 coffees a day and still can barely function.
I am NOT looking for medical advice, just curious about others’ experiences.

Sometimes with the iud you’ll spot for what feels like forever (I did) and then eventually stop having a period altogether.

I had the exact same problem. Once I got the IUD it took about 3 months and everything evened out. The bleeding will get lighter and lighter. After 3 months I felt normal again and no more periods.

I’ve been spotting for about 3 months straight now, feeling exhausted, acne… the first time I got the mirena I never had any problems but it fell out.

Sounds like your iron might be low. Have you had it checked?

I have Mirena. I never had an issue with breakouts, but I am one of the lucky ones who never has. When I first got my iuc in 2006 I never had any issues. But when I got this one put in in 2015 I had the same problem with spotting and light bleeding. My OB said that it was because of my age (I was 35 at the time) and that it is normal for women who are older to still spot or have light bleeding with them for a while. It stopped after a year. Now I only have an issue when I’m REALLY stressed out

I had to take medication to help with the bleeding and was so tired

Have your thyroid checked…pregnancy can really kess it up and its ofteb overlooked

This is why I don’t use hormone altering methods. Bleeding for months and then not at all is normalized in your head but not to your body.

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After having my Mirena put in I bled for a strait 4 months lightly. After that my periods tapered off and I only get a few spots now every 3-4 months. It’s been almost 3 years. I do still get acne breakouts with these mini periods.

I had the Mirena put in due to horrendous periods as well, the alternative was a hysterectomy. My period was lighter, unpredictable the first year or so. I’m almost due for my 5 year switch, I spot occasionally, no real problems.

Call your gyn. Sometimes a round of doxycycline will stop the spotting