What causes irregular periods?

Wish my doctor had told me I will have or might have irregular periods after stopped taking birth control (Sprintee) I been having irregular periods since I stopped taking them for the past 9 months and I am scared I might not get pregnant cause of these irregular periods. I have been seeing another doctor and she put me on so many test and didn’t find anything is wrong with me I have another altsound next week and I am tired doing all kinda test. What am I suppose to do ? I really really want another baby.

Same boat. Had nexplanon for 4 1/2 years and have had it removed for 8 months and nothing :woman_shrugging:

I know a couple of ppl that happened to took a year b then they got pregnant just keep your head up it will happen​:heart::hugs:

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I was told after birth control especially high doses like the nexplanon and depo it can take up to 2 years to get your fertility/cycle back to normal. That’s why I stopped the depo and went on pills. I went off the pills and immediately got pregnant because it was a low dose not high dose. The high doses mess with your cycle and fertility too much for my likings

I have irregular periods and im 18 weeks 3 days pregnant. It is possible.

I have always had irregular periods, still got pregnant twice. I have a two year old and our second son is coming in less than 2 weeks.

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There is a medication called provera (not depo provera) and it’s what I took to regulate my periods after I got off birth control.

It took me over two years and a loss before my son. #2 was the opposite… we didn’t want to wait bc the first took so long and everything happened so quick. She’ll be here in 9 days! Stress for sure doesn’t help!

If you are willing to try there is an herbal supplement called vitex it helped me regulate my periods.

Try using an app to track your periods. My periods have been irregular my entire life and anytime i was ready to have another baby i used the ovia app. After a few months its able to track your fertile window even with irregular periods. Im currently pregnant with #3 :slight_smile: good luck!!!

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u can still ovulate and not have a regular period…irregular periods wont stop u from getting pregnant

I have had irregular periods all my life. I had two babies 15 months apart then 6 years after my second child got pregnant again. Not once was i on any birth control. Sometimes it happens and youmay not get pregnant right away but you will.

Any BC will cause your periods to change…just give it time and make it fun

I got the depo after i had my son hes going 2 be 3 in November and i just got pregnant again we just found out 2day its a girl! Im 20 weeks and 2days. U just gotta be patient, it will happen. Good luck!

I started intermediate fasting and it regulated mine.