What causes irregular periods?

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Hey ladies this was my first pregnancy so I’m not sure if I should be worried or not but I’m currently on the 14th day of my period (9 weeks pp) is this normal or should I call my doc? I just didn’t want to make a big deal out of this if it’s normal.


It never hurts to make a phone call and ask a registered nurse… That does sound like a long time I’ve had two kids one was a c section

I’ve had it happen just takes time for your body to get back to normal

It normal to bleed for 4 to 6 weeks after you have a baby but it never hurts to call your Dr

I bled for 4 weeks after both deliveries. If you’re concerned though then of course call.

After my first my first period probably lasted almost a month! Now with my second it was probably just a little over a week. You’re body is just trying to readjust

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I went 9 weeks both times!

I went for 4 months after my daughter. Turns out I needed BC to kind of help get everything back in line. It never hurts to call and ask

Call, I’d you’re worried call and ease your mind or make an appointment. Better to feel better about what’s going on, with my first c section I was at the doc every damn week because I thought my incision re opened lol so just call :relaxed:

At 9wks pp thats still pp bleeding. Its called breakthrough bleeding.

Yep thats the period that feels like its NEVER going to end. Its normal dont panic.

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i went way longer than suppose to as well with my first i was worried to daughter was born aug21st bled till like 3 months still might been isues or pp.

I bled 6 weeks after having my son.

Might need to rest more. And the look should be changing colors. If it’s still bright red, might want to see the doc. Never hurts to be cautious.

I bled nonstop for 2 months after both my pregnancies.

I bled for almost a month after each, then was ok a week or 2 and had a regular period after that.

it’s somewhat normal but if it’s coming out as clots bigger than a ping pong ball you need to be check I bled for 8 weeks after my first

My first few periods lasted a few weeks and were very very heavy, but if you’re feeling concerned it doesn’t hurt to check with your obgyn

Is that normal for you?

Very normal, as long as long as it is not big clots.

W my this last pregnancy, I bled the usual 6 weeks after birth…I stopped for literally a couple of days…got my period for another week or so…but once I got on birth control, it started to chill…but did get it yet again within the 1st shot n got it for a couple days b4 was due for my 2nd shot (on depo). I now havent gotten it since my 2nd shot…just spotting once within past couple mths. It might be just u need BC to regulate u again. My doc was worried at 1st thinking all of my placenta didnt come out if the bleeding didnt stop at all. I had an emergency c-section this last pregnancy so if there were placenta still left…well that means the docs screwed up n didnt get it all out lol…but all is good now w the bleeding thanks to the BC…but still check w PCP just in case hun

I had an episiotomy and a tear with my first i had her late August and bled almost daily till November

I went between 4 and 6 weeks with my 3 children.