What causes irregular periods?


I have a 3 month old and have had two periods since her, completely normal. Now i stopped my period just over a week ago and started having brown discharge last night and now it’s turning to pink today, when I wipe. I’ve never spotted between periods, even after my first child. I read it could be ovulation spotting; anyone ever actually experience this? Never heard of it. I might buy a pregnancy test but the timing doesn’t seem right if I just had a period and haven’t had a chance to ovulate yet. I can’t imagine being pregnant again :flushed:


I tend to bleed now after sex now that I’ve had my daughter. Could be from that? Idk when you did the deed. Mine always happens the day after.

It can take time to settle down again after a baby, I was like clockwork after my third baby but after my twins not so much keep tests on hand just incase anyway xx

Your body is still readjusting your uterus shrinking back up your hormones trying to balance out. BUT your extremely fertile after giving birth


My daughter did that, and now we have a set of Irish twins. One born in January and the other born in December.

If you cant imagine being pregnant again take the proper precautions so that doesnt happen. After you have a baby you are extremely fertile.


Its normal. I have ovulation spotting every month since i had my daughter but i get cramps with it. Your still healing but your extremely fertil after birth so you should also test

You can get pregnant before you ovulate since sperm can live up to 5 days in the body. You can get pregnant during ovulation. You can get pregnant after you ovulate and you can get pregnant while on your period. You can get pregnant if you use the pull out method. You are extra fertile in the months after a pregnancy.


Girl your repro organs are just confused trying to shake.back.
Just went to my doctor over this. Your uterus is just cleaning up basically. If the bleeding gets heavy they will give you bc pills to slow it down. But really its normal

You can get pregnant so easy right now. I’m on the shot and I’m still scared lmao

Things change over time… Itmay stop after awhile.

Go buy the test could very well be you’re pregnant

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