What causes irregular perods after a tubal?

I had my daughter on dec 13 2018 and i got a tubal removal at same time but i have still not had my period is this normal??this is my 4th kid and i have always had my period by now. I will be talking with my dr on friday just wondering


I had my baby March 7 2018 and I was on three types of birth control don’t know about tubel but I do know you should still get your period mines was out if wack after I had my daughter for 6 months and I just stop taking birth control because I shouldn’t be bleeding for that long I would call the doctor tho

Are you breastfeeding by any chance? That can delay a period.


It’s normal. I also had a tubal and didn’t get my period for a few months.

Following. I go for mine in March. Curious.

If your breast feeding this may be why if not I’m not sure why

I had a tubal during my last c-section. I got my first period a month later. It really depends on how long its been. If your not breastfeeding, and its been longer than 2 months you need to contact your doctor.

I didn’t get mine for a few months after having my tubes clamped. It’s completely normal. Nothing wrong with seeing your doctor though just to ease your stress over it if need be!

After having my daughter and getting my tubes tied I breastfed her and it took 7 months for my period to come back