What causes itchiness while pregnant?

I’m having itchy skin at 31 weeks and 4 days I’m carrying twins I just seem itchy different places my hands and foot been a little itchy my back and arms. I talked to my Obgyn she wants me to come in tomorrow what causes that??


Puppsssss I had it with my twin pregnancy and it was omgggggg

Preeclampsia causes that I know only cuz my friend that is 34 weeks just got diagnosed with it

My last few weeks of my pregnancy I developed the PUPPP rash. I was itchy and completely miserable with small red spots. I don’t know if that’s exactly what you have but here’s a link you can read more about it. PUPPP Rash: Treatment and Prevention

Yeah definitely symptoms of preeclampsia. Although I had this insane itch all over with my last, and didn’t have it. Definitely get checked, if you’re all clear I just suggest oat bath soaks :heart:

Pumps or colistasis. Blood work will determine.