What causes late period but negative test?

Good morning moms,

I am 8 days late on my period, we have been trying to conceive for a few months now, took 2 tests, 1 day late, 5 days late. I am actually afraid to take another cause I want it to be positive so bad, I become so upset when I see negative.

I am having slight cramps like I’m going to start, very very moody (ask husband lol) very nauseated, headaches, boobs are feeling more full, not enjoying foods that I once enjoyed, i’m just very overwhelmed.

Im after hearing stories that the test cant pick up the hormones right away, but when I was pregnant with my daughter, it came up the day off my missed period.
My husband is after saying too that you want to be pregnant so bad your body could be tricking your mind to thinking your pregnant.

Anyone go through this?


Take test first morning pee. If still coming up positive go doc

Yes your body can trick you


This has happened to me where I managed to trick my body with all type of symptoms and boom get my period late very late but it came but I never got an explanation how this happened

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Take the “trying” out of it and it will happen quicker. The stress of trying can make you trick your body into thinking it’s pregnant by symptom spotting and can throw your cycles off.


Happened to me too we tried for four months and every month I was convinced I was pregnant … it’s not til I was eating sauerkraut out of a pan (I don’t even like it) and crying watching America’s got talent that I thought hmm this is not like other months


Stressing your body, stress in your life and more can cause the body to make you “feel” pregnant when you’re not ! So stop thinking about it. Give it a few days and test again. Don’t get yourself down! I hope this is in fact a pregnancy for you! :heart: if it still comes up negative-go see a dr and do a blood test!

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My best advice is try not to stress because that can make you late. I would also advise downloading ovia fertility app it is great. Make sure you check for ovulation when it says to so that you can confirm.

You can trick your body, but I also took prenatal classes with a woman who kept insisting she was pregnant and her doctor kept telling her she wasn’t because the urine tests came up negative. She finally insisted on a blood test, she was indeed pregnant. 4 months when they did the ultrasound.


It’s very common to feel that way and can be a psychosomatic reaction to the desire. That is also very early to tell and likely you had a very high level of hormones in your body last time. Not every pregnancy is the same either. Some women don’t test positive until much later 6-8 weeks along. And lastly pseudocyesis is when your body believes so hard you are pregnant that you exhibit extreme symptoms sometimes including the growth of your belly and widening of hips. It’s truly amazing what a human is capable of.


Tried for over 6 months to get pregnant the first time and then had a misscarrige another 6 months & was pregnant again with my first son. All i thought about then was getting pregnant, it was on my mind 24/7. Now our son is 18 months old, we do it once and bang pregnant with baby number 2… so i dunno lol​:thinking::thinking:

Pmsing symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are almost the exact same. And because your experiencing this symptoms and hoping that your pregnant, there’s always a good chance it’s just your period starting. I would honestly hold off a week and then test if it doesn’t show up. Then your not going to be disappointed test after test after test

If you can’t handle stress then maybe parenthood isn’t for you.


I was about 3 weeks in with exact same symptoms the pregnancy test only picked it up 4 weeks later as I was testing every week

Use first morning pee and when I was pregnant with my son I actually ovulated later that cycle so I had to wait a little bit longer to get a positive good luck! Those were all my symptoms

Yes your body can trick u if u think it enough your body will eventually believe it to so you start having signs but you can never be sure until u take another test i would use your first pee of the morning

Just let it happen…dont think about it or plan so hard. You may have better luck

My mom tested every month for 6 months when she was pregnant for me. All negative. She got a blood test at 7 months & it was positive. 2 months later she had me

Take another if not then maybe next time :crossed_fingers:

Honestly your period is considered normal until it is 14 days late, rather then stress yourself out I’d wait til the 2 weeks mark before testing… also if you were just now pregnant it would to early to have so many symtoms. Your mind can also trick your body into thinking your pregnant therefor mimicking symptoms

You are stressing your body out and that does happen with late periods, I know it’s hard but dont think about it. Hope you get what you want.

Chances are if you’ve tested at anything past 1 day late, you are NOT pregnant. There’s typically enough hcg in urine to be detected in even the cheapest and least sensitive of tests at that point. If you’re that concerned, request a blood serum hcg…but I know what you’re going through because I would always do the same to myself. Convince myself I was pregnant, especially when my period was a week late, was testing every day and it was always a negative. Convinced myself I was one of the RARE few that pregnancy can’t be detected on hpts…that was just me fooling myself. Go to your dr but prepare yourself for information you might not want to hear. It took me a year to conceive both times, first ending up ectopic and then another year of trying later I’m currently 16 weeks with a healthy baby now. Everything happens in its own time.

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I had a chemical pregnancy. I was so stressed because I wanted it so bad, I kept testing and getting upset. Then I woke up one day and had a feeling, tested, and it was a faint yes. But bled bad 2 days later. The 2 days later was 3 days past my usual period. The egg just didn’t stick. I kept going to the dr to check my numbers. I watched them barely rise, and drop over night. But it still hurt. Bc I wanted it so bad. If I didn’t test, I would have just thought I had a late period.
Calm down. Take a breath. It will happen for you. Put that in your mindset. Calm. Breathe. It will happen. :heart:. We are trying still, but I dont want to stress or overthink it.
If you’re still wanting to know, go to dr and get bloodwork. That will be a definite yes or no. :heart:

Just because you were positive immediately with your daughter doesn’t mean you have high enough hcg at this moment this time around.

Take a blood test it cant lie

Dont !
Pay and watch God show up and show out.

Just relax and it will happen if you are trying it is not gonna happen because your body is stressed out and you may not even know it just relax and have fun it will happen

I agree with ur husband. Also late periods can happen, if your hormones are off or even if you ovulated later than normal. If it persists you need to call doc to rule out something more serious

I had symptoms at 3 weeks and was a week late when I tested, it was negative. Waited another week and it was positive