What causes late periods but negative tests?

i’m just curious about everyone else’s response over this .

so, im 7 days, going on 8 days late for my period tomorrow . i took a 88 cent test and it was a very very faint positive. i took a first response test and it came back negative… im taking a test tuesday at a drs appointment.
i just wanted to see what other mommies did if this happened to them and what the out coming ended up being lol.


Ive had it happen and about a week later I miscarried i pray for u

You’re more likely to get a false negative than a false positive.
Even the cheap tests are very sensitive to HCG.
Take another, be sure to take it first thing in the morning with your first pee.


That’s what happened withy twins took two tests at the same time one negative and one positive I’d say your more than likely preggo congrats :grin:


I always take the cheap tests when I buy them and they work just fine! When I’m pregnant that line shows it!

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Not trying to scare you. I’ve had this happen twice. 1st was a chemical pregnancy (sac but no egg) 2nd ended up being an ectopic pregnancy. I hope for your sake its neither :slight_smile: good luck!!

I don’t trust the cheap ones.

I’ve always took the 88¢ test and they were always right!! It was faint because it’s so early. Did you use morning pee?? I would buy another cheap one and try it out with your first mornings pee. Good luck!!!


Different tests read at different levels of HCG. Also depends on when you took the test. FMU is best.

The cheap 88 cent tests are the same ones they use at the doctors office. Continue taking them and see if the lines get darker as the days go on. You’re more than likely pregnant because false negatives are more common than false positives. Even faint lines count as a positive. These were mine taken 3 seconds after the other. I’m 35w6d now.


I been late every month but at weird times i know im not pregnant

Many things can cause a missed period besides pregnancy

It took 10 days for mine to be positive all 3 times.

Sounds pregnant to me. But go get a blood test only way you’ll know!


Always pee in the morning

Depending how faint the line was it could have been an indentation line

If it’s positive, it’s positive.

These are my positives when I was pregnant with my daughter. I took these at 4 days late (completely skipped my period). I was 4 weeks & 3 days. I didn’t get a clear positive on a First Response or digital until I was closer to 6 weeks. She’s 1 now :slightly_smiling_face:
Good luck to you!!


I would’ve bought 2 of the 88c tests and tested them with the same pee to make sure one wasn’t faulty. It would take me more than one test for me to believe I was anyways lol congrats if you’re pregnant!

I did 3 . All from dollarstore and all positive

Testing with your first pee of the day is always most accurate. If the second test you took wasn’t first thing in the morning and your first one was, that could be why. False positives are very rare, unless the test was old. False negatives happen a lot.

The cheapo tests have always been accurate for me. Expensive ones were always wrong.

I bough the cheap test from the dollar tree it was positive but my husband didnt believe it could ever be right because it was cheap so i went to the doctors a week later and well it was right and i has 2 beautiful babies

Even the cheap ones are accurate and even the slightest line is positive, keep taking them every morning to see if line gets darker

With my girls, I tested positive right away. With my son, it took SIX tests to get a positive result but he was baby #2 so I KNEW I was pregnant lol. And funny thing is the only positive test was the one from the dollar store.

All 4 tests with my last pregnancy were faint positives, n they too were the 88 cent ones

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes late periods but negative tests?

Stress sometimes causes a period to be late. I’d give it another week & test again.

Did you get a COVID vaccination?


Wait it out. … retest in a couple of weeks if you still haven’t started. Hormonal imbalance and register false negative tests. It could also be stress too

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Mine was 8 days late. I freaked out, cus it’s always on time. Some ppl said it was cus I had my covid shot


Hormones off balance
I mean anything honestly

I say hormonal imbalance since your boobs hurt

Experienced this back in December, most likely stress or a change In exercises and diet. All the above could play a factor in a late period.

Stress. Also I have this issue because my hormones are off balanced

Maybe ask your doctor?

Stress depression anxiety. Worrying

Stress, illness, overexertion, being severely over or under weight. There are quite a few reasons

Stress does that to me, too.

The vaccine definitely impacts your cycle. I was happily on my way into menopause, 20 months without a period and then 10 days after my second dose, SURPRISE!!!


Call doctor and ask for a blood test. It could also be stress

Stress sometimes causes mine. I got the Covid vaccine right around my period being due and my period ended up late, and worse then normal. I’m not sure exactly what caused it, but those both were happening around the same time.

This happen to me in May. I missed my period by 14 days

This just happened to me too. I started my period two days ago.

Changes in your life (stress, travel) can cause disruptions in your cycle.

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I didn’t show pregnancy wit my first and second baby till I was three months into pregnancy I went to docs and all say same not pregnant so be careful u very well could be

I would take a blood test

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Stress, hormones unbalanced, medication, it is possible that your hcg hasn’t risen enough for a positive test depending upon the test and when ovulation occurred. Wait 2 days and take another test with 1st morning urine and consult a doctor

It’s only been 10 days wait for another week or week and a half and take another it may just be too soon to get an accurate test

Definitely a chance you could still be pregnant. I took a EPT at home that came back negative. The next week I went to have bloodwork done to have surgery and found out I was pregnant. My daughter is now 10 years old lol so it’s very possible!!

You can be pregnant. I had false pregnancy tests for a longggg time. Apparently my hormone level was low but now I’ve got a healthy baby girl!

Test again. Maybe with a different brand.

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If you have had Covid in the last month it could have caused it

I’ve been exactly the same

Have you had covid vaccine? Also it’s far more likely to have a false negative pregnancy test rather than a falce positive. Take another test at start of week

Stress and diet can change things, but I’d suggest testing again in a week as the hormones will have increased by then if you are xx

I was 11 days late with my second before it came back a positive test, can have false negatives so may want to retest in a couple more days x

You can get a false negative but not a false positive. I’d do another test in a few days

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes late periods but negative tests?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes late periods but negative tests?

It could be my mom had to have a blood test with my younger brother bc all the urine tests came back negative


Cysts. 4 months no period. I had umpteen negative OTC tests, had multiple blood tests. Even forced my Dr. To do a sono. BINGO. Cysts.

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You could’ve tested too early, stress, hormones, PCOS, thyroid… honestly there’s many reasons. Your best bet is going to see your gyno. Good luck!

Pretty much every woman I know is having period issues right now. Too early, too late, spotting in between, more pain than usual…


With my now 14 yr old, I could still get negative hpts at 6 months along! She never showed on them, only on a blood test!


Could be an indicator of something else. This happens to me all the time and I’m not sexually active. Stress alone can affect all kinds of things in your body! Depression, huge change in diet, medications, infection, lymph node issues, bladder infection, kidney infection, high/low iron, gall bladder stones, etc… Or you could just be tired. Exhaustion can cause a lot of issues too. I suggest seeing a physician if you’re concerned. Simple blood test could ease your worries! Best of luck


Yes you could still be pregnant, 10 days is still very early, wait another week and take one or go to your gp to get a blood test. There are other reasons for late periods such as stress etc


Make sure you pe first thing in the mornings, and I miss mine from stress. Sometimes they don’t come at all. I’d try again tho. Ku


Yes it’s a possibility, but most likely not. To be really sure you might need a blood test. :thinking::roll_eyes:

Also, strange but true :+1:. My daughter showed a positive pregnancy test, only to find out that it was considered a “molar” pregnancy where you test positive, but the only thing is a mass! Creepy! She had 2 of them


You could have PCOS. I was 16 when I was diagnosed and I have sore boobs with no blood sometimes. I call it my period without blood. Lol my mom made me take a pregnancy test at 16 when she realized I hadn’t had a period for 6 months and it happened to be that.


I just went through a similar situation. I was 5 days late and when I researched it, I’m pretty sure I stressed my period away, we had been searching for a home to live and I was getting extremely stressed out and depressed about it, turns out you can send your body into fight or flight mode and taadaa!


I had endometriosis, which caused painful, irregular periods. It took several years for the doctor to finally diagnose


I was over 2 weeks late with a period, which is usually right on time monthly. Turned out it was due to stress and hormone changes. Almost a year later and its been back to normal ever since that one late period.

That happened to me! I had my period 2 weeks late! All the dr could tell me was my hormones were changing

All kind of issue really, best bet is see your doctor and don’t stress, I’m exactly the same xx


Stress, age - all play a factor. Did you take a Plan B? Because that would explain it all. It throws off your cycle completely by delaying ovulation; so your sore boobs may be that you’re ovulating; or could be PMS & you’re about to start within a week.

Could be stress related. I didn’t have a period for two months because of stress and I knew there was no chance of me being pregnant. Definitely talk to you’re doctor to rule out an underlying condition.

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It’s totally normal and common during Peri. If you’ve been sexually active, your chances might be less than a few years ago but you can absolutely be pregnant…only one way to find out for sure. If the test shows negative, you can probably trust you aren’t pregnant and it’s just hormones messing with you.

I have been waiting on mine since may thought I was pregnant even though I have implant but had several negative tests. 2 weeks ago I started but it was so bad! I’m still bleeding off and on

When i was late my tests came negative untill i was 2 months prego…. Only blood one came positive

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If it’s too early to detect it would come back negative, my periods were late for a couple months but I would still get it eventually then after a few months of having late periods they completely stopped all together. I would wait a couple days to see if you start your period & if not then either take another test at home or call your drs office and see if they can do a blood test for pregnancy & also test for other causes if it comes back that you aren’t pregnant.

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You could be pregnant, but it could also be stress, lots of exercise or many other things. See a doctor and get a blood test to be sure.

Stress/Hormones I had an irregular cycle before and went every two months without it but my boobs would swell. Now I’m pregnant but before I definitely get as just irregular cycles

I just went through this and my problem was that I wasn’t ovulating so they gave me clomid. It stopped my period and I have been 14 days late when I went back. Wasn’t pregnant. I hope you are if you want it but if not then definitely go to the doctor and find out please.

When I had a negative test I end going hospital a week later because I wasn’t feeling well and was dizzy a lot and I was pregnant

Could be I had negative test at 2 and 4 weeks pregnant. Didn’t test again until 8 weeks and got a positive result.

My sister in law can pee on one every couple minutes for days, KNOWING she isn’t and itll say positive – every time… I think it depends on individual… for me, I could be one day late, know I was; and take one an it be positive

Go to your dr preferably an OBGYN they’ll do an ultrasound to be sure cause sometimes there can be negatives when someone is pregnant but it is most likely stress. But still if you are unsure go to the dr

Stress caused me to skip a month. Hormones be wack as you get older. Keep testing weekly/till you get your period back. Definitely seek a doctor if really concerned. That helped me.

I didn’t get a positive test until I was 5 weeks late on my period :grimacing:

High level of stress. I started school full time and a new high stress job in the same week. My period was a week late and made me stress even more. :rofl:

could be pregnant or it could be stressed…request a blood test from your dr

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I had 2 periods last year and no pregnancies. amenorrhea is what the doctor said

Could be too early. Wait another week and test again or go to your doctor and have a blood draw.

I’m on 1 year+ without a period and all negative tests. Could be PCOS

Is too many things to count can cause this …let your GYN start the process of elimination.

Usually need a full 2 weeks of being late for accurate test.

My boobs hurt before I start my period, and I get late periods due to stress, could be that