What causes late periods but negative tests?

My husband and I have a one-year-old son. I didn’t feel unwell when I found out. It was more of a gut feeling. Sure enough, I was pregnant. I had a wonderful pregnancy. I had some morning sickness in the first two weeks, but the rest of the time, everything was fine. I had no complications at all. Our son measured exactly what he was supposed to at each appointment, and birthing went smoothly. I was in labor for a good amount of time, but when it was time to push, he came out quickly. I didn’t have anything bad happen to me health-wise postpartum, I didn’t have postpartum depression (I only got frustrated we weren’t in our own home at the time and liked doing everything alone), and today I feel great. However, I keep track of my periods. Last month I knew it was getting closer to time, so I started wearing the panties I have specifically for that time of the month. Days went by, and I never started. My last period was March 20th thru March 24th. To this day, I still haven’t had a period. When I noticed I wasn’t getting my period, I got some pregnancy tests. I got the First Response tests. The first test I took had a very faint pink line. During my first pregnancy, I was pretty early and got a very solid line with an 89 cent test. So the next morning, I took another test with fresh morning pee. I got another faint line, but it was even fainter than the first. The box came with three tests, so I waited a week to take the third one. There was no line at all. So I brushed it off as I wasn’t pregnant, and my period is just late for some reason. Weeks went by, and I still didn’t have my period. We went to the store again, and I got another box of First Response and a box of Clear Blue. Sometimes brands can react differently. I took the first response the following morning with fresh pee. No line. I have drug-out time periods in between these tests and have taken almost all of them. I have one test left, and I started out with five after that particular shopping trip. Has anyone experienced this? And were you pregnant or ended up having a serious health problem? I feel 100% fine. When I first thought I was pregnant, I wasn’t feeling too well, I was throwing up, and I had symptoms I only had when I was pregnant. I’ve had zero bleeding. Not even spotting of any kind has occurred. I currently do not feel pregnant, but my periods have all of a sudden stopped. I am nearly two months late. I have NEVER had missed periods or any complications of the sort, even after giving birth to our one-year-old son… that turns 2 in October. I do not understand how I got two faint lines; then the rest are all negative even though I do not have periods.


Call your Gyn, have them check you and test you


You may not be ovulating. You have to ovulate to have a monthly period. Without ovulating you can go weeks or months without a cycle. I only know this because my cycles were spacey like yours. They did blood work and sure enough, I wasn’t ovulating. Mine was simple. I didn’t weigh enough. I was only 108 lbs and my body needed more. I gained 10 lbs and that was that. I would consult your doctor.

do you have Polycystic ovary syndrome? Could be your hormones just thrown off to from.being pregnant

See your dr immediately

Stress. Hormones. Illness. Underlying health conditions. Lots of things. Talk to your doctor if you’re concerned.

Go. To. The. Doctor.


Sometimes weight gain can stop a period. PCOS also causes missed periods. Go see your doctor.

I also say see a doctor! but also instead of buying the ones with the lines try buying the digital ones that say “pregnant”/“not pregnant” those are easier in my opinion

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Have you had a Covid vaccine, I have heard reports that some women have had issues/irregular cycles for a few months after the vaccine. This does return to normal in time apparently.


Call your Doctor. That’s the best advice here.

See your GYN. If there were anything wrong, best to catch it early.

Go to the hospital and get a blood test done.

I knew a girl who got negatives till she was past 6 mo pregnant. Go get a blood test done they are very accurate. Up to 5 days after conception

When my daughter was 1 my periods got weird and I found out I had an ovarian cyst. A quick appt with ultrasound and the doctor was able to diagnose it.

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I had my Bub 6 months ago. Had periods up until March and have missed 2 periods now. Had bloods done and not pregnant and there’s nothing wrong…

I would call the doc, it could be several things

Doctor appointment :rofl:

Thyroid , pcos, endometriosis, stress


You need to see your doctor you either are pregnant or you’ve had a missed miscarriage and your body may need some help.

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Have you gotten the vaccine?


Stress , I was FIFTEEN days late & it was stress related :woozy_face:.

After my 2nd daughter my periods got super weird, she’s 5 now and found out I have endometriosis

I’m going through the same thing and I just got diagnosed with endometriosis. Because of this I’ve had two miscarriages. I do have 2 babies with me also, one is almost 2 and a 4 year old. But definitely get checked to be on the safe side.

My friend knew she was pregnant but couldn’t get a positive at home test until 4/5 months. She went to the doctor way before that and it came back positive. She tried multiple brands.

Consult an ob. You might have a Pcos.


With my first born we took 7 test that was all negative we finally got a positive when I went to the clinic we went for a blood test and sonar after that I was already 8 weeks pregnant

Didn’t have a period in 2019 2020 until December then it was a very bad one and all I’ve done since then is just lite spotting all the time I know I’m not pregnant cuz I have my tubes tied but the doctor told me the reason that I was doing it is because my hormones are high and I needed to go to a specialist but I never did go

I was this way with my daughter I knew I was pregnant kept testing over and over I went through like 20 lots of different brands finally I took a clear blue digital and it said I was 1-2 weeks

Get checked but it’s common to have your cycle go wonky after a baby. At least my doctor said so when I was concerned. Especially if you’re breastfeeding.

Are you on birth control? Could be your hormones trying to adjust. Stop buying otc tests. Go see your dr.

Stress, wanting to be pregnant, all kinds of things can cause you to not have your period. See a doctor.

Someone I used to know, had to get a pill from the doctor to just start her cycle back. Make an appointment

My periods are every 45 days . That’s 5 periods a year roughly . They started changing around 25 years old. But depending on when I ovulate it can take 6-7 weeks to show on a test. With my almost 2 year old it was 8 weeks it took . With my 6 week old it’s was 6-7 weeks before it showed . 3 years ago when I miscarried I found out 2-3 weeks pregnant . So it can depend on ovulation. With my almost 2 year old I ovulated the day after my period . Which meant 45 days till I “missed” a period. But still didn’t show for 3 more weeks .

Wunderjab in the works. Research it lots of women have been having issues with their periods.

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I once went 8 months without a period and I wasn’t pregnant. It was from stress, in my case. See your doctor.

It could be chemical,miscarriage,ectopic,molar pregnancy,hormones. Missing a period for 2 month i would definitely suggest talking to your doctor to rule out any of the above-mentioned.

Following because I’m day 49 (13 days late) and I have a pretty normal 28-35 day cycle. And I have 3 kids already but all my test are negative. Even had all my period symptoms/normal discharge before and still nada and I’m not vaccinated. Seeing my dr July 2nd.

You could’ve gotten pregnant but then the baby stopped growing/died. :cry: It could still be in your uterus and that’s why you’re not getting periods. It actually happened to me. I was pregnant but then the fetus died at 8 weeks and i found out at my 12 week checkup and my body still thought I was pregnant that’s why it didn’t come out. I had to get a d&c. The doctor said it may never come out on it’s own. Wishing you the best.

Maybe go to the doctor or clinic and get a real test