What causes late periods but positive tests?

I’m 5 days late on my period. I’ve taken 2 pregnancy test and they’ve both came up negative but I have no symptoms of starting my period. I stopped my birth control 3 months ago because it caused a bad reaction and my doctor thought I’d be better off letting my body readjust. Last month I had my period and this month there’s no sign of one. I called to schedule a doctors appointment and it’s Thursday before they can get me in. Have any mamas experienced this before?


My periods were crazy hopping off birth control. Your body may severely fluctuate when dropping hormonal birth control. I go 2 to 3 months without a period then itll last for a week if i stop taking birth control. Its all about your body just readjusting!

My pregnancy test wasn’t positive until like 10 days after my missed period, maybe you just need a few more days?

Im almost 2 weeks late. 2 negative pregnancy tests. But im still getting nervous

I didn’t have a period for 2 months after stopping bc. I wouldn’t worry about it yet. If you dont get August, and then the September one is late, then take another test.

After getting off bc it messed my periods up bad. Id be weeks late, even skip a month here or there.
Just give your body time to see if your period starts, retest in a week. And til then, just take care of yourself just incase.

Positive tests can only be positive because an increase in a hormone that is released during pregnancy. After three months off your bc pills there are not external sources of hormones in your body even if your body is still adjusting.
Then, positive tests can only be due to:

  • A false positive (defect in the test that makes the antibodies react against something else)
  • A blighted ovum (unembryonic pregnancy)
  • A spontaneous abortion in the first stages of development of the embryo (unnoticeable).