What causes late periods?

I am three weeks late for my period. I just had a daughter in 2017, we had an incident where we could have conceived. I am terrified. We both work but I only work they days he has off. We have no insurance so that has me terrified that I won’t be able to get the doctors appointments I need with an OBGYN and on top of that…

I work in the medical field so I do have to take a lot of precautions at my job if I am in fact pregnant… I’ve taken tests, but like with my daughter it took two months to have a test show a positive… I am afraid for my job and how we can possibly manage another kiddo. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.


Apply for state insurance. You should be covered. Your daughter will be for sure

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Obviously you live in the states not BC…not sure of medical system there…
Any family that can help look after your first baby??? So you could work more hours to save a little bit…good luck…

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Amanda Kasha Tracy if she lives in a right to work state, they can make up any reason to fire her as long as it doesn’t violate anything. Meaning: if she were late too much or someone complained about her attitude, they could use that to fire her even though it was because she’s pregnant.

Kari Foster you’re right, didn’t really think about it that way just know they can’t say it’s because she’s pregnant but yes they could definitely nitpick and find a reason for sure.

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Planned parent hood for a blood test or wait it out and see. Then apply for state assistants

Btw, you can get birth control for free, ijs


Naz Roach not in all states some is only till after your 6 week checkup

Go to ur OB appt without ins as selfpay for ur initial appt to confirm pregnancy. Then apply for medicaid after and u likely should be eligible. When u go back to ur next OB appt for your routine OB care then present the office ur medical card. The first DOS should be retroactive and the billing can go in and resubmit that visit for coverage. Patients did it all the time where I used to work and we even informed self pay to go apply knowing this is how it would be. Its a package deal when it comes to billing with pregnancy. Atleast in Ohio it worked this way. Good luck! Everyone finds a way. Work opposite shifts, re budget. Wish u well!

Amanda Kasha Tracy I live in Texas and here they can deny you if you don’t have insurance and can’t make the self pay payment

Brenda Shellsea McReynolds That is terrible! I’m from Missouri and although I’m sure some offices may turn people away, a lot of places have signs posted that says they will treat you regardless of your ability to pay.

Never a “perfect” time for a surprise baby… honestly. There will always be something but we as mothers just do what we gotta do. I was terrified when I got my surprise, i had 3 sons i was so done. Full time jobs on both ends, working with aggressive teens with developmental disabilities. We just do it. After the fear and crying about being pregnant, I’m typing this while I nurse my now 3 month old daughter and I love her beyond words.


You work in the medical field and don’t have medical insurance?


U can get state insurance most likely they also have other programs that can help you

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Caitlyn Mae Moir right lmao if anything she can possibly get free things as a damm test and birth control

Medical if your state has it… but umm if you work in the medical field if i were you i would take advantage just saying :woman_shrugging:t2:… go to a Clinic, WIC provides free pregnancy test.

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State medical or medical through work after you increase your hours. I worked in the nursing field for 5 pregnancies now. Only precaution I had was stay out of rooms with mercer/cdif/and chicken pox. Pregnancy isn’t a handicap. Planned parenthood offers medical care while pregnant, birth control and condoms after pregnancy. Babies happen even while preventing them but that means step up your game. Lay down and do adult things leading to adult consequences means you have to adult now. :woman_shrugging:t3: it’s life.


Depending on your state & both your incomes determine WIC, snap & Medicaid…I got more help when it was just me but I do know the more kids you have the better!

Caitlyn Mae Moir I. Work in the medical field and have no insurance

Insurance is freaking expensive …so

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I work as a nurse but it’s only PRN so no insurance.
Luckily my hubby a job that offers insurance but it still isn’t cheap

Go to Dollar tree get Test for $1 See what is says. Guess you could go to Public health they go on sliding scale. WIC you should be getting for your daughter anyway. May have to take extra steps at work to make sure you and baby are safe.

It took me to 3 weeks and I found out. And there’s medicaid if you need it.

Go to drugstore/pharmacy n get Plan B!!!

Applt for medicaid if you are pregnant.

Kathi Bennett thank for the info. Much appreciated.

Private Vet Clinic. And no to the insurance

I don’t have anything. I’ve applied online and don’t qualify for shit. I live in Texas and at this point I just want to die. Honestly. It isn’t worth the stress of it all. I feel like I can’t get ahead no matter what I do. I have endometriosis so most birth control makes me sick.