What causes leg pain in pregnancy?

I’m 31 weeks and have gained 34 lbs! My feet hurt and having leg cramps at night. I’m drinking water,eating bananas and stretching. Seems worse when I’m on my feet alot. Any advice on how to handle those leg cramps they can be horrible?!


Bananas help a lot with leg cramps, sweetie.

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Try tonic water.try half a can for 4 days.then u can take 3 tbs a night.

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Point toes towards knees best advice a friend gave me :raised_hands:t3:

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Try seeing a chiropractor, squats, yogurt, magnesium, calcium and zinc vitamins

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You are lacking magnesium. Powerade helps replenish stores. Quick remedy, a teaspoon of prepared mustard at start of cramping and a glass of water. Dehydration also triggers cramps.

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I had really bad leg cramps to the point where I would wake up screaming in the middle of the night. I remember eating bananas and drinking water but I don’t remember anything helping. It still happened several years after my daughter was born and it didn’t stop until the last 3-5 years or so.

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Try pickle juice my leg cramps started with my second child 30 years later Still getting them


I got them a lot in my second pregnancy. I told the drs many times and they just suggested all the stuff you just mentioned and none of it ever helped at all anyway. But once I had the baby I’ve never had that issue again so hopefully it will also go away for you too. Sorry cause I know it hurts terribly when they cramp up. I wish I had an answer for you.

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Easy bed rest.
Careful diet.

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Epsom salt baths for 30-40 mins. Make sure water isn’t super hot and it will help relax your muscles


I always got my husband to rub me down before bed, and kept my legs up to avoid cramps and such

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Thanks for all the advice hope something works

Epson salt baths! They really help.

I gained 45 to 50 lbs with each pregnancy.
Try restricting your diet to whole foods.
Definitely watch your sugar intake including cit out juices.
Do you add salt to your food? I was restricting my salt intake thinking I was being healthy yet I found that I needed to add salt to my diet via my Drs say so.

Potatoes and sweet potatoes have more potassium than bananas also try support hose you can get from Walmart if it’s too hot for that Dr schols comfort and energy socks also sold at Walmart they massage your legs when you walk and really feel good. Also , make sure you have the right pair of shoes that makes all the difference in the world . :blush:

34 pounds… I went from 112 to 210 with my daughter. Drank a gallon of milk a day. Worked.

Lots of stretching, have you man help you stretch stay hydrated and some more light walking. Keep your feet elevated end of each day and enjoy a pickle.
All my pregnancies I put on a massive amount of weight.

My dad swore by frances mustard, use to sleep with it by his bed. When I was prego that was the first thing I’d go for. It literally takes seconds for the cramps to stop!! Its longer to walk to the fridge then relief. I ended up sleeping with it by my bed too😂

Less bananas, they are high in potassium I believe and high sugar. Consult a doctor before taking any vitamins and minerals that are at levels above a pregnancy supplement but for leg cramps you need magnesium, you can take a bath with Epsom salts in it or find a magnesium cream to apply to your legs, magnesium is easily taken in through the skin. Always make sure that you consult a doctor though, just in case this is a sign of something worse and to check what you’re taking is ok.:smiley: Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well for you xx​:heart:

Girl I gained 70 pounds my pregnancy and my baby is 7 months old and I have done nothing but GAIN weight. I haven’t lost anything. And you’re gonna hurt every where the farther you get along, atleast most of us has… so just take a lot of baths and have your spouse massage you lol

Take a calcium supplement…I worked in a pharmacy when I was pregnant with my first and had them really bad at night and the pharmacist said too much potassium isn’t good for you or baby so take a calcium pill I did and helped the first night so I took them with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy and never had any cramps

Tums! I had major heartburn and vicious leg cramps. I started chowing Tums like it was my job to combat the heartburn didn’t do a thing for that but cured my leg cramps :joy:

Potassium is what you are probably low on

Just drink vinegar in water gone within a minute

Omg I use to just roll around :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: … ow ow ow!

Compression socks if ur on ur feet all day!