What causes lower back pain?

Hey guys , question/advice!
I am currently 17 weeks 2 days with baby number 3, I have been having severe pain (hurts to touch or move) in my lower back, my stomach and left side. I have been twice to the emergency room at my OBGYN hospital just to be told it’s nothing. My dr said the first dr thinks there is something wrong with the placenta. I won’t know the results until Tuesday. My husband wants to take me to another emergency room to get a second opinion. I’m just tired of hurting so bad and the first emergency room made me feel like I was a joke fore the pain! :weary::weary::weary:


Do what husband wants better safe than sorry


Could be gallbladder or kidney

I had the same sort of pain and my doctor found a damage in my ligaments. Same with baby no.3 too. I am currently 32weeks and still get the occasional pain i had to wear a maternity belt and be on regular pain relief. Yes do go for a 2nd opinion and demand an ultrasound x

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Doctors said I was fine… I went to the er every week for 6 weeks . They just pushed it off. At 30 weeks I had a huge gush of blood and it turned out I had a 10cm hernia in my placenta that ruptured. Doctors are jokes

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I would go to a different ER

Better safe than sorry but I’d be going In for a second opinion especially if they think something is potentially wrong with the placenta

Go to different ER. Better safe than sorry. Do not diss your own intuition. Drs dont know till you tell them. Dont take no for an answer n make them listen.

I’ll be 19 weeks Tuesday this i my first pregnancy and I have had those same pains they eventually go away I started drinking water and tryin to walk a lil bit and it helped the pain go away

Sweetie pain is no joke but even more serious when you are expecting. Your husband is right get another opinion asap

Go to another doctor better to be safe.

If you can get a regular doctor’s appointment with your primary care doctor you might get better results than through the emergency room or OB GYN

When I was pregnant with my daughter I had extremely bad back pain ! Screamed like I was in labor they didn’t do anything but knock me out with pain medicine then send me home ! I went back not even a month after having her and they removed my gallbladder. It was awful one thing I hate about being pregnant is the doctors not even caring to look and passing everything off as being pregnant

Go somewhere different… Is your doc male? Go to a female I feel that make docs sometimes don’t get it. I’m sorry it’s frustrating!

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I’d get another opinion to be safe. I had similar pain around that time in my pregnancy and it was excruciating. I have issues with my hips though and had pinched nerves before so I knew what it was as I recognized the sensation. But I can’t of course say that’s your problem. I’d go to ease your mind and your husbands even if they say again nothing is wrong.

If you feel something is abnormal go to another emergency room.

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Keep going until you get an answer. Don’t let them intimidate

Go see another Dr.Its not good to ask advice on here.Hope it goes well.


Especially with this being your 3rd pregnancy you know when something isn’t right. Trust your gut.

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Listen to your instincts ( and your husband) go get checked out elsewhere ( for peace of mind)

Your pain is no joke, go to the Dr.

Listen to your husband pain is nothing to play around with it’s always better to get a 2nd opinion

second opinon for sure!! its always good to get checked esp. if you are concerened. you know your body more than anyone else… shame on them for making you feel that way.

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2nd opinion! Could it. E kidney stones? Gallbladder, ? Diverticulitis… it can be so many things.


Get a second opinion you should never have pain like this

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Id say go get a second opinion. Its better to be safe then sorry.


A friend of mine this with bith her children. Maybe be something to ask your doctor about.

ERs are to fix the pain if they can temporally until your Dr can handle it. If your Dr or another (2nd opinion) dr is available do that ASAP. Did the ER give you anything for your pain? Run any tests? Nobody should ever discount the pain you are in, especially someone who is part of a healthcare team !!! Sorry you are going through this !!! Being pregnant can be terrifying at times!!!

always a second opinion

The back pain can be something else get second opinion

Go with your instinct and your husbands. Doctors work long hours can make mistakes. 2nd opinion pain is always telling you something is not right .
I hope everything works out well and its baby resting on nerves x

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It wouldn’t hurt to get a second opinion.

Being belittled in an Emergency room is very unprofessional, my wife has been cut down for being emotional in hurting and confusion, sort of like being the odd outcast in highschool and going to a popular group for help, she would rather go and suffer alone than put up with that crap. We are gaining on 60 and still see this type, they should at least be professional to our faces and giggle and be all important after we leave