What causes missed periods?

Odd and slightly TMI question.

Is it alright to go multiple years not having a period? The last period I had was a little more then 3 years ago before I got pregnant with my son. After I had him I breastfed and was on the Nexplanon implant for a year when I got pregnant with my youngest who is now a year. I have the implant again but will be having it removed to start trying for another baby :blush: is it necessary to have a period before trying for baby or can I get pregnant before having the period?

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I got pregnant after missing the month before, as long as ur still ovulating theres no need to always bleed =) ( but I was also taking clomid)

Yeah…i mean i got a period as soon as they took the nexplanon out…i spotted for like a week …then like 2 weeks later i had a really crazy heavy period and then i was pregnant 2 weeks later

If it’s been that long I would go to the doctor just to get checked out cuz usually if you ovulate you have a period but then again you could not be having a period because of your birth control. Either way I would go to the dr just Incase to check checked out and make sure your body is all set to get pregnant.

Following. Have the same questions :rofl:

I got pregnant the very next day mine was taken out.

I didn’t have a period for a year and I got pregnant the same month of trying

I got pregnant within a month of getting mine taken out.

And I’ve had 3 of them in 9 years, doctors say you immidiately are fertile again after getting it removed.

I go years between periods because of pregnancy followed by nursing/minipill. I’m currently expecting Baby #5. You do not have to have a period before conceiving. You will ovulate first, before conception or menstruation. When I stop breastfeeding and stop taking the minipill, I have what is called “breakaway bleeding” for a few days - bleeding that does not follow ovulation and is therefore not a true period. For me, ovulation has always followed that breakaway bleeding about 2 weeks later. The fact that you are getting pregnant means that your body is working as it should.

I wouldnt think it’s necessary no. It doesn’t mean u aren’t ovulating. Take an ovulation test. It may take a min for ur period to regulate but still could get pregnant. But always ask obgyn. They could give u more info