What causes motion sickness when you scroll your phone?

Anyone else have like motion sickness from scrolling on their phone or anything like that? It doesnt happen to me everyday but when it does I get really nauseated.


Yes cant read ANYTHING in a moving car

I’m gonna go ahead and say if that happens your on your phone way to much or your in a car reading.

It’s like 7am an you already tapped into my brain.

I did for a while, then I had my eye exam. My eyes had changed and after new glasses I was good.

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This happens to me… it’s how I know I’ve been on/looking at screens way to much that day… and it sucks

You need to go to an eye dr.

I don’t, but it doesn’t surprise me. When I was a kid, my mom couldn’t watch me play certain video games (like Spyro) because it made her nauseous.

Yessss I have bad migraines so it happens all the time for me. Sometimes even when I’m just watching a video or playing a game on my phone. I just put it down and lay down for like 5mins & drink ice water then I feel better (usually)

Only when I’m in a car.

Go to the eye doctor! I had the same thing happen and found out I have astigmatism. Doesn’t happen now that I have my glasses.

It only started since getting pregnant, and happens randomly for very short periods. I have to close my eyes and leave my phone down to stop it