What causes mouth sores while pregnant?

I’m 35 weeks pregnant last couple months I had a sore on my gum it was going away but came back couple days ago I’m pretty sure it’s gingivitis from this pregnancy I’m calling the dentist Monday but has anyone had it during pregnancy and what helps with it?!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What causes mouth sores while pregnant?

Vitamin C should help.

Check with your ob first but lysine (otc vitamin) helped me with mouth sores

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Is it a canker sore?

My dentist told me they being pregnant basically sucks the life out of your mouth and makes you more prone to gingivitis, etc.

I got my teeth cleaned when pregnant which I found helped a lot, and just overall better dental hygiene helped.


Warm salt water will help…i used to be a dental assistant…saw alot of ppl woth issue…not just pregnant women…dentists always recommend swishing mouth out with warm salt water…it’s gross to me lol…but helps alot


Lysine …its in the vitamin section. I got them too.

Omg yesssss! Especially back around my back molars! It’s like the gum is pulling away from the tooth & little sores around my teeth. I chalked it up to eating a lot of ice but it’s gotten to the point it hurts to eat.

I have them too! My dentist says pregnancy. the mouth/gums bleed a lot more while pregnant. I was told to gargle salt water and peroxide. Not together but they each help lol

Thrush maybe from yeast

Warm Salt rinses help with them I use to get them alot I also would swish with perioxcide n mouth wash as well salt water draws out the infection perioxcide kills the bacteria causing the sore n mouth wash for taste lol

Vitamin C, biotin, zinc, calcium & potassium. Esp potassium. I’d either take them seperate or get a better vitamin.
Ensure you brush 2x a day & use a mouthwash 2 or 3x a day.
Being pregnant is hard on teeth & gums.

Nothing you but with 2 of my pregnancies I grew wisdom teeth. Pregnancy is weird on the body.

Diluted tcp
As mouthwash

Warm salt water with baking soda rinse

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Like in your mouth, or like cold sores. If cold sores, get treatment from your Dr asap, and don’t kiss your newborn. Cold sores are herpes and herpes can be FATAL to newborns.

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Talk to your Dr let him or her know of your diet remind them of how old you are and ask about seeing a dentist.

Sounds like herpes outbreak

You can get sores from eating too much acidy foods. I have gotten a cancer sore and “burned” my tongue from eating wayy too much pineapple in one sitting :joy:

Is it a canker sore?? I started getting them with my 3rd pregnancy and unfortunately still get them today :sob:

It may be a lack of certain vitamins like d or magnesium. I can’t remember which one.

Eat sugar free yogurt

Yes!!! I had one they called it a pregnancy tumor! It hurt so bad when eating anything on that side of my mouth! I went away on its own a week after I had baby

Low vitamin b12 and b6