What causes muscle spasms?

I’ve been having some really bad muscle spasms in my back. I’ve tried everything from ice packs to warmer showers with the water just on that spot to pressure on my back from my S/O. My dad brought up CBD oil, would it be safe to use a little amount of CBD oil on that muscle to ease the pain? It’s so bad that it hurts to breathe in or stretch.


You can take CBD oil internally, it all depends on what he got exactly. They make special cream too that you can apply right on the muscle

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Generally it’s safe. But if you’re pregnant, I don’t think they’ve done studies on pregnancy. So you would have to consult your doctor.

Are you on medications that involve CNS? If you’re concerned for drug or medical condition interactions, I’d consult your dr. Some drs offices have CBD oil advertised and readily available in their same building pharmacy. It sounds like a topical form is what you’re looking for.

CBD is safer than any other pill they’ll give you. Some people find that it helps tremendously while others say it has no effect on them, so you’ll just have to see. There’s CBD bath bombs, gummy worms, lotion, pills, oil, etc

I really wish I would’ve known about this with my pregnancies…a company would’ve made a killing off me

There are lidocaine patches that glue right to your skin wherever it hurts after you peel off the backing. They’ve helped me w back pain. Find them over-the-counter in the medicine aisle at your grocery or drug store.

Try pickle juice athles use muscle spasms