What causes nausea while pregnant?

I am 38 +1 and the last few days I’ve been feeling nauseous, waking up un middle of the night feeling like I need to puke , this morning just now I feel terrible and I have to work lol a few shifts left. I spend a lot of time in bathroom esp. At night . And having contractions on and off, super strong ones… anything think the real deal is coming ? My dr. Isnt in the office till mid next week because of Holiday . But I have. Y baga packed… any ideas ?? I have been having problems with siantic nerve since about 28 weeks and have just gotten worse he has deff dropped extremely low since about 36-37 weeks and have major pain and pressure since then my dr is going to check my cervix next week for sure ! The contractions dont stay but when they do come there super strong and sharp, I havbt had any yet today at work but last couple days they have came and went also I checked my cervix and it’s open pretty good and squishy?? I’ve been having discharge like crazy now too


I’d go get checked out at the hospital. But that’s just me.


Start counting contractions. If they stay close and are getting closer together than I would phone my drs office.

Go to the hospital sounds like baby mite make an early appearance. Best of luck

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Each time i went into labor my ob wasnt available for diff reasons lol I got who was on call. Sounds like you could be close, and knowing what your dilation is is important whether contractions are at the right pattern or not. I had strong consistent contractions 3 mins apart w one pregnancy, it slowed down but they kept me due to where I was dilated.
Definitely go In to be checked out. If your obisnt there their is always someone to help you.

I’m 38 and this post is my life :sob: I just went in a few days ago and dilated to a 5 and still went home :sob::pregnant_woman:t2: I’m just waiting for my water to break or contractions so bad I can’t stand them!

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I’m due in two days and this is literally me rn🙃 last week I was only dilated 1 but I feel like my water low-key tore just a lil? But I’m just waiting til the contractions get worse to go in

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