What causes nightmares while pregnant?

Any mommy’s have really bad dreams while pregnant?


Yes mine are awful :pensive:

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Not my first two pregnancies but this one, yes! Pregnancy brain is crazy.

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I had the most fucked up dreams ever when I was pregnant.

Yes I had a dream I left my baby at the gas station In his car seat and drove off and then realized he wasn’t in the car and drove back but he was gone so I sat there crying and freaking out. I asked everyone if they saw him but nobody did. It was odd but I was 28 weeks when I had that dream. He’s two months old now and I always keep him close to me never forget him anywhere

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No necessarily bad dreams but I have very vivid dreams

I didn’t have bad dreams just weird ones. I dreamt I gave birth to light bulbs and kittens :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:


Ugh they are very intense! I wake up with anxiety!!

i get very vivid night terrors and cant wake myself up sometimes until 1pm and i go to bed usually pretty early and wake up around 9am. mine are so bad and realistic. i wish it would stop. i cry every time i wake up😭

Yes I had beautifully vivid dreams! I was so scared my entire pregnancy that I would miscarry that both my grandma and my daddy came to me in my dreams to reassure me everything would be ok! They both passed many years before I was pregnant. I’m sure it was the hormones but it gave me great comfort!!

Yes I do been for awhile

Yes and weird vivid shit too lol

I had a dream I gave birth to a taylor pork roll on a plane.

Scary vivid. I still remember the dream I had 16 years ago when I was pregnant… had to do with drowning… so vivid. Scares me to think of it still

Yes. Tons of death dreams

Omg all the time so far… They are almost every night. I woke my fiance up screaming in my sleep to get an epipen cause I was going to die without. He had to force me awake :sob::sob::sob: Sorry your going through this too its terrible. Good luck. Hope it gets better.

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Yes! Unresolved trauma

lol ya. I’m assuming this is your first pregnancy. Yes, you have crazy vivid dreams while pregnant.

Yes I definitely did. It comes with the territory. Don’t worry this too shall pass!

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My pregnancy dreams😂

  1. I gave birth to a still born. :weary:

  2. I gave birth at a hospital HOURS away from my house. She came out a boy. A couple hours after giving birth I left and went home. Noticed I didnt have the baby, went back, visited him for a couple hours, then left again… Without him. :person_facepalming: (This one still confuses me to this day.)

  3. I gave birth to kittens. Then one kitten gave birth to more kittens. Then those kittens gave birth to stillborn kittens.

  4. Multiple dreams of my daughter (who is now 2.5) was a boy. :joy:

Omg yes super scary ones

I have crazy confusing dreams! It’s normal im told lol

Yes! Night terrors that have made my anxiety spike as well :roll_eyes:

This is my 4th pregnancy and yes it is crazy scary. Seems so real.

Yes and for some reason I keep dreaming of giving birth to kittens. :person_facepalming:

Totally normal! It’s from the excess hormones and stress :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes… on my 2nd pregnancy I had a dream I was swimming in a pool and I had to go pee so I went to the restroom seeing I was bleeding so when I checked myself I birthed out my baby girl… coming later to my 20 week of pregnancy I had to give birth to my baby girl because her brain was out of her head… I thank the Lord for my 3rd pregnancy being my survivor :heart:and she’s beautiful :heart:

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I was having a lot at one point but it’s been a few weeks. I was around 25-27 weeks

Yessssss. They get so real! I thought it was cause I stopped smoking weed but it’s been awhile now and they still happen!

My sister dreamed she delivered a litter of puppies and couldn’t figure out how to nurse them all.:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yes omg. They were terrifying

everytime i ate salty food with all 5 of my babies

No, but I did have one weird ass dream with Jackie Chan. Yikes. :dizzy_face:

Yessss. I literally wake up every hour after having one. Get up to pee. Repeat. Lol

I had dreams that my baby would come out ugly :joy:

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All 3 of my kids… i had horrible dreams… blood, guts you name it.

Yes constant dreams he’s going to have birth defects or that he will be taken from me…

I had awful dreams. They are so vivid and real like when you are pregnant.

Every single pregnancy, I had dreams that my mom was dating danny devito. May not be scary to some, but not fun for me :joy:

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Every night, horrible and really graphic dreams :sob:

Im 37 weeks now and two days ago had a dream that I went into labor and was bleeding, due to my stitch, but I couldn’t find my car and no one would help get me to a hospital.
I woke up crying.

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All the time it was horrible. The craziest stuff you could imagine :weary: good luck hopefully it gets better for you

Had horrible dreams with mine

Normal. I’ve had CRAZY dreams… like episodes of law and order :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a dream I got shot, died, and everything seemed to stay black for hours. Really messed me up.

I had dreams that my son died giving birth. He is now a healthy happy 9mo baby

Yeah they get pretty intense.

Yes i do and it sucks

Almost every night =(

Yes, spent all night last night “fighting”. Only to wake up about an hour ago to a freaking bear trying to get into my window

YES!!! Was terrified to sleep threw all 4 of my pregnancies

With my youngest I had a dream that she would make it home from the hospital but I wouldn’t but I was pregnant every year for three years and my mother had told me I was gonna die with her

Yeah it has to do with a lot of things including the basic fact that pregnancy is a stressful time. There are a lot of things to worry about or have deeper anxieties about, especially as the birth draws nearer. In a terrible way this is the brain trying to prepare itself by working out possible situations (although admittedly some of my pregnancy nightmares were fueled by dream logic and not actual life logic lol). I used to have a recurring nightmare I had to keep two babies from drowning as a room filled more and more with water. Funnily enough my children refuse baths and will only take showers. :woman_shrugging:t4:

All the time, over active brain !