What causes nose bleeds in kids?

My 5 year old son keeps getting nose bleeds almost every night.
I know his bio dad had to have surgery on his nose because he got nose bleeds all the time and my dad gets them a lot so maybe it’s just that :weary:

I’m taking him to the doctor but has anyone else’s kid had this?


Follow cause mine does

Yes had to keep a humidifier going all the time


Yes, a lot of it was caused by dry heat. Try adding a bowl of water in front of the vents and cracking a window

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My boyfriends nose gushes blood pretty often. It always has and they did surgery.

Mine did, he had an irritated polyp. It would get irritated during cold/allergy season. She gave him a steroid nasal spray and Zyrtec for 30 days and no more nosebleeds!

It maybe the dry air. Get s humidifier!!


Have you tried a humidifier? The dry air can do that.

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Yes my brothers. They don’t whole different things today then back then it was 60 years ago for my oldest brother oldest brother. I would plan on a visit to an apartment with an ENT.

Put neosporin on a qtip and rub inside the nose.

Humidifier vitamin C and talk to him about not picking his nose. Also naso gel, it’s like nostril lotion

I use to when i was little…they was gna do a surgery and burn the vessle or something. They eventually stopped but i took something like sudafed and they always made sure room wasnt dry but i had them from 3 or 4 til about 10. Not sure why stopped. Now at 31 if i get one it takes forever to make it stop but not often

My 4 year old has had that issue this year. I took her to to doctor and the doctor told me she couldn’t see anything causing it and to get a humidifier and put Vaseline on a Qtip and swab her nose before bed. I run 2 humidifiers and do the nose swab and she hasn’t gotten a bleed in a month. :crossed_fingers:

Humidifier, ice on the back of the neck, and when it is stopped vaseline the inside of the nose with a qtip. There is really no need to burn a childs nose if you take care of it.

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My nose was like this as a kid. Almost had to get surgery too - I had way too many blood ducts in there or whatever, and the walls of my nose constantly rubbed against each other - causing them to burst.
Personally, I wouldn’t worry.
I’ve gone to the ER multiple times for my nose bleeding for hours. But I grew out of it, mostly.

It’s just super inconvenient :woman_shrugging:t2:

My daughter had a problem w nose bleeds wen she was young like 5 or six it had to do with the the heat we had the old ratilater heaters idk if u know wat those are but they have them in the projects but the doctor said her blood vessels where popping cuz the dry heat and would cause nose bleeds idk wat kinda of heater u have but u can try a humidifier or the one the blows the water and air into the room something to try

My daughter had nose bleeds very badly and her nose had to be cauterized…

My daughter had nose bleeds for days and she never had them before so after 4 days of thinking it was just allergies we took her to the Dr she ran some tests and her platelets was at 19 very low she could have died from a paper cut but they found she had AML Luekimia im not saying that’s what your baby has in no means but it’s concerning and in your case it may be hereditary and like u said just need surgery

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Nose bleeds run in our family too. Random nose bleeds. Mine stopped when i was around 16.

Dry air from having the heat on in the house can cause super dry crusty cracked sinuses too
Humidifiers work and keeping the nose inside not so dry…
GENETICS can be a possibility too.
Either way have him checked out

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Please have Doctor check him.

Yes, my 5 year old and my 7 year old… take after their dad and get nose bleeds all the time… one small tap and their noses bleed… they’ve had tests done but it all came down to their genetics… they’ll have to have theirs burned like their dad… but we aren’t in any rush to do it 💁

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My daughter and I both got them really bad when little. Hers were really severe. 20 min plus and only way to get them to stop was to get the blood clot to pass. Blood clots would be as big as pinky size. She had nose cortarize (spelling?) And that helped but eventually she just out grew them for the most part.

My son gets them too. They stuck a camera up his nose, they can cauterize the vessels… But honestly, keeping his nose moisturized with saline helps

My brother has a disorder called ITP and has nosebleeds all the time. Also, depending on where you are the weather may be a factor. Try a humidifier.

My son used to suffer with excessive nose bleeds and needed blood vessels in his nose cauterized it was okay after that,it can be caused by faulty blood vessels in the lining of the nose

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My son has this issue. I was told it’s due to dehydration and dry weather. Male sure he gets plenty of water and rub some antibacterial (like neosporin) cream on the inside of his nostrils before going outside each morning. If you don’t have antibacterial cream you can use Vaseline too

Could be weak blood vessels, could be a blood disorder. My son gets recurrent nose bleeds that can last over 10-20 minutes at times. We found out he has a slight bleeding disorder and now he takes medication for it. Definitely talk to your child pediatrician about it. It could be nothing serious or it could be something serious.

Definitely take him to the dr. But, as others have said, I and both of my kids have this, significantly more in the winter, due to dry air. It could very well just be that. You should get a humidistat aand try to keep your air at least 45% humidity in your house.

Allergies , dry air, get a humidifier

My brother had this issue until they did surgery to fix it. He’s 22 now and is going to need it done again.

My son had them , and his was bad enough they had to catherized his vessels in his nose. ,but we came back to my husband’s country and they have started again

My son get them too…we are constantly running a humidifier in the winter and putting moisturizer in his nose and that helps tremendously

Does it only happen during the winter because it could be the dry weather.

Yes my grandson gets them all the time x

My daughter has nose bleeds pretty often, having a humidifier on in her room when she sleeps has helped a ton. The dry air would trigger them

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My daughter does in winter. We had to get an extra humidifier. One for her room. Her nosebleeds were still bad so she had to have the vessels in her nostrils cauterized. Twice on each side.

Yep. My son. Doctors said if his continue, they’ll need to cauterize his nose. It’s not surgery and done right at the doctor’s office. His Dad had it done as well.

I did when I was a kid- I have iron deficiency anemia. It’s gotten better as I’ve gotten older but I still get them if the air gets too dry.

I needed my nose cauterized as a kid and still get frequent nose bleeds even as an adult. Keeping a humidifier near my bed has helped a lot!

Try a humidifier and see if that helps?

Why do people ask about medical advice on fb pages with strangers…? :roll_eyes::woman_shrugging:t3:

Make an appointment with a ENT doctor. My son had to have his vessels cauterized in his nose on both sides to stop nose bleeds. He hasn’t had anymore bleeds since then.

My 3 year old gets nose bleeds. Put a humidifier in his room

If the air is really dry just a humidifier won’t help. You may need to get liquid vitamin e oil and put some in his nose about twice a week. My son and I both get them and the vitamin e with a humidifier has practically stopped the nosebleeds. I had to have my nose cauterized a few times as a kid and the vitamin e idea was given to me by an E.N.T. dr

I have a cousin her son gets nose bleeds from eating anything that contains red dye. It’s the dye found in ketchup.

Try a little Vaseline to moisturizing.

My daughter gets them…we have run a humidifier in the past but what helps is vaseline…i just take some on a cutip and put it inside the first part of her nose…it usually only happens back to back in the winter from all the heat in the house or car or school…the air gets dry so her nose will bleed…it is for sure something to talk to the dr about but maybe the vaseline would be worth a try?

Could also be super dry air too. Maybe try an air humidifier for the house and for when hes sleeping.

I had them all the time when I was a kid said my membrane was thin and would hopefully thicken as i age it did but some don’t and have to result to surgery

My son gets them from picking his nose …

My granddaughterwas like that, it was von willibrands type 2, its a blood disorder, and hereditary

I gave it to her, i went undiagnosed for 40 yrs

Almost bled to death on more than one occasion

My daughter had low iron and once she started taking an iron supplement her nose bleeds stopped.