What causes not having an urge to pee after birth?

Hey mamas…:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: so i had my lo 4 days ago and im crazy over him. I have a problem and was hoping u could shed some light… right after i delivered the placenta the midwife (dont live in the u.s.) inserted a catheter and said it was to help me drain my bladder. I found it weird but was too tired. Four days later i have not had any urge to pee… even though im drinking a lot of fluids…i dont get to see my dr till tuesday… should i be concerned? Does it get better? Has anyone experience this??


A cathedar after birth!?! I have never heard of that before ever! That doesnt sound good or right at all.

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You haven’t peed in 4 days? The catheter has been removed right? You should be urinating several times a day. You need a dr before Tuesday. That is not safe.


You haven’t peed in 4 days?? Did they take it out? Why did they give it after birth? You need to see a doctor asap.


I had one during labor and took oit after birth like roght after i delivered… But i ended up getting a really bad uti and it fucked me all up the first week i had my son

Go to the emergency room if ur not having the urge or have not peed in 4 days that is not a good thing

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What?? I’ve heard of them of you have a c section but definitely go get checked!

During labor, but after birth??? That doesn’t sound right.

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I would go to an e.r. as soon as you can. You could get an infection. Plus you should be peeing several times a day.

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You’re running the risk of a bladder and or kidney infection. I would get to an ER right now.

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If the cath was taken out 4 days ago then you need to get to a doc a.s.a.p! Your bladder can rupture, get a serious uti, and harm your kidneys…


You really need to go to the hospital. They wouldn’t let me leave until I went pee and had a bowel movement. I did have a catheter after birth and went many times afterwards soooo 4 days is way too long Momma!


I never had any epidurals, so I always got up to use the bathroom after delivery. They never gave me a catheter. Please go to emergency to be checked. That’s definitely not normal!!

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She said she delivered the placenta that doesnt sound like a c section

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Not trying to scare you but I’ve heard of people dying from their bladders literally bursting. Go to ER ASAP


I was after my first son and my 2nd one they left it in the whole time.

Even with epidurals I never had a catheter. I find it odd they even have you one. Please go to the Dr, not seeing for days isn’t normal.

I would definitely go in. I had a catheter before i gave birth and then they took it out before it was time to push. They made me go to the bathroom right after. I had to pee a certain amount before they would even let me go home


Did you have an epidural? I had the same exact thing happen after my c-section and the doctor said it had something to do with my spinal block. You have to “re-train” your bladder, keep drinking plenty of fluids, set an alarm on your phone every 2 hours to go to the bathroom. I would keep the appt with your doctor but the feeling should come back :slightly_smiling_face:


Er now ur probably retaining urine and that can cause infection and mess up ur kidneys


If you have the catheter out it could be a relaxing thing. That was part of my issue after I got mine taken out after my c section. It took two days for me to finally go. With the help of my bf. I peed for 10 min after.

Can we get a fan add…:thinking:
Like girl are you peeing but forcing it or straight up not peeing?!


That does not sound normal to me.
I was not allowed out the hospital untill I peed. Try sitting in a warm bath for a bit. If I was in your shoes I would be seeking medical advice for fear of poisoning myself

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I didn’t have a catheter but I didn’t feel the urge to pee for a while (days? weeks? can’t remember :woman_shrugging:t3:) after having my baby. I still went every few hours. My doctor said the feeling would come back and it did.

Have been peeing at all or you just don’t feel it? Not feeling it isn’t that concerning but not peeing at all you need to go to the ER immediately. I’ve had two babies in a hospital and had a cathedral during labor they took all of that out though when it was time to push

I gave birth 3 times naturally and the nurses MADE SURE I peed after my deliveries… They even measured how much urine I was producing… Go to er and get checked…4 days of not peeing IS NOT NORMAL


Please go to ER. Before you damage your kidneys a fluid fills your abdominal.

They’re supposed to take it back out

I’m confused- is the catheter still in? Someone forgot to do their job. Is the catheter out and you haven’t urinated for 4 days? You need to go to the ER immediately. Or are you urinating but don’t have the sensation? Something to discuss with your doctor.


Midwives don’t know what they are doing.

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Kinda wish they’d put the cath back in after she was born because I peed ALL OVER. I was so numb :rofl:

Your organs can shut down if you dont pee…er now!

That’s not normal. You need to go to an ER stat

They insert a catheter type devise in your bum to stop you from needing a poo for a couple of days.
But once a catheter is removed you should be able to wee straight away.

I think when you have an epidural you are supposed to get one. But if your not peeing for that long that’s not good

You definitely need to go see the doctor or go to the er asap. I deliverd my little girl 5 days ago and I had to have a cathiter in 3 times. I had the epidural so one with that, then one after birth and one later that night because I was having a lot of issues and couldn’t go on my own and I was having other issues.

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Umm… I’m in the US so i know it’s a little different. With my 1st, they put a catheter in (have no idea why except I kept needing to owe after my water broke), then had an epidural & they took the catheter out before I pushed. With my 2nd, i never had a catheter during labor or after

I was like that. But didn’t get a catheter… I have had examinations and checks up. Everything has come back normal. That went on for 4 months.

My son is almost 6 months and I don’t get the urge to pee until it’s really bad and I almost wet myself.

Ok so you are going just don’t feel the urge. Make sure to bring it up at your appointment in a few days.

Like…its still in there? Go to the ER

U need to get to the E.R if it’s OUT and you haven’t peed. I couldn’t hold my pee after I had my youngest daughter cuz my epidural injection numbed my damn bladder so I’d pee everywhere but I was still peeing.

Inserting cathedar can cause trauma to muscles. I found it made my urethra spasm and it was impossible to urinate for several days. Doc gave me meds, red pills that turn your urine bright orange and stop the spasms. It made all the difference! if you have not gone in several days you need to go to the ER.

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Are you able to go to the bathroom I mean empty your bladder? If the answer is no or if you have a very low stream when you do empty your bladder or you have any type of pain when you empty your bladder you need to go to the emergency room and figure out what is going on because it sounds like you had some sort of trauma done to your bladder and probably other organs during your delivery caused by the midwife. That is definitely not normal.

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Go see your midwife. That happened to me and I’m telling you something is not right!!

This happened to me! I could pee of I went to pee, but like for a while I never felt the URGE to pee. Are you able to pee if you try? For me it just went back to normal after a while, but i thought it was weird too. I remember telling my sister about it. Maybe ask your doctor just in case but if you CAN still actually pee when you try for me it just went away after a while.

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Might still be a side effect of the epidural. I would call an on call nurse, they will be able to suggest if you need to go in

I had a catheter with both my boys as well as a epidural. After they removed the catheter they would not let me leave hospital till I peed. Definitely go to doctor

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No Hon, your bladder needs to empty. If no urge, do you go when you go to the bathroom? I was monitored in the hospital to make sure my bladder wasn’t getting full and I wasn’t urinating enough. If not the catheter was re-inserted which was painful for me.

it depends why she put the foley in!! Here foleys are put in prior to delivery Was it because you couldn’t pee a few hrs after you delivered? If not that’s OK, then usually the wait is not more than 6 hrs. afterwards. Was it because you really couldn’t pee at all.? A lot of moms don’t have the sensation, but once they sit down on the toilet, they pee. as long as you pee within 6 hrs after delivery, or after the foley was out. You are fine. But you really should have called your OB sooner

I had a catheter with my last delivery. Our state law requires a 24 hr hold after delivery and I had to be able to urinate, have a bowel movement and shower on my own before being able to leave. You need to call and speak with a nurse at your OBs office.

They should make sure ur able to go to the bathroom

I had a catheter when I was induced with my son. They wanted to make sure I was releasing fluid if I wasn’t they were afraid that fluid would be building up around my heart and lungs. I have never heard of them inserting a catheter after delivery. I would go to the ER ASAP