What causes numbness in hands?

i’ve been having problems for the past month now with my hands going numb and being in pain when i lay down or even am sitting or standing…however i haven’t been able to find any ways to relieve it. i read on google it could be “carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy” and to try cold water or diet changes but that is all. i’m wondering if anyone has ever had problems with their hands going numb and being in pain all the way to their elbows when laying down or even standing/sitting and if they did anything to help with it


I developed carpal tunnel during my first pregnancy. (I also later developed preeclampsia) I tried everything to relieve the numb feeling but nothing ever worked. It went away completely after I gave birth. And I did not get it again during my second pregnancy.

I had carpal tunnel in my hands while I was pregnant. I bought the braces from Walmart to help out some.

Ulnar nerve problem maybe, vs. carpal tunnel. See a doctor for it!

Try a chiropractor for sure. I was having issues with my arms and legs falling asleep and come to find out I have a bulging disc in my neck and lower back

It goes away after pregnancy :grimacing:

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Braces. With metal in them to immobalise the wrist/hand. Sleep with them on. I got carpal tunnel when I was pregnant and am still dealing with it now almost 4yrs later. It wasnt as bad as it is now. I’m constantly numb and in pain. I was told to wear those braces (can buy them at any pharmacy but make sure they have a metal rod in them to hold it tight and still) sleep with them on EVERY NIGHT. You will find some relief. I also was using my mothers arthritis gloves (they basically squeeze the hand when she has a flare up they help with swelling) and those stopped the numbness in the fingers and hand at least. I’m not awaiting a surgery date. Hopefully this helps. If you have any questions feel free to PM me! Good luck mama it’s no walk in the park

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I bought the braces from Wal-Mart it helps alot

Carpel tunnel I have it . I need surgery . You can get it from pregnancy too

You can get shots every 6 months if there bad
Cortisone shots

Tylenol sadly i tore my rotary cuff and all doc will even do is phisical therapy and Tylenol or heating Pad on shoulder or ice pack i won’t do ice cold makes it hurt worse

I had carpal tunnel with both pregnancies. My hands would go numb and ache horribly. Nothing really helped, braces a little but not much. Luckily it went away immediately after I gave birth.

Your dr can get you a brace that will help. I had it my last pregnancy. Absolutely terrible

I did, acupuncture, for blood flow, life changing!

Sounds weird but ask to be checked for vitamin d deficiancy I had the problem until I found that out

I had that during the 3rd trimester. It went away for 2 days as soon as I delivered. Got worse after. Needed a cortisone shot. Took almost a year for it to go away.

Had the same issue. It went away after I had my baby.

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There are many reasons this is happening as top taking advice from facebook and see a real doctor

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I had this during my 3rd trimester it sucked but I wore hand braces and it seemed to help after my baby was born it went away

I had carpal tunnel with my first during my last couple of months. I had to sleep sitting up because it was too painful and wouldn’t take long before my arms would go numb. It’ll go away after your baby’s born!

Omg yes it was the absolute worst! I used to sleep with heating pads on my hands/arms.

It’s definitely Carpal Tunnel. I work for a hand surgeon. Some general ortho physicians give injections but you may need to find a hand specialist. If you are anywhere near Louisville or Lexington Kentucky I suggest Kleinert Kutz. You should be evaluated sooner rather than later because you can cause permanent damage.

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Carpoltunel (sp) you need wrist braces

I have that sometimes. But I had spine surgery years ago so I’m pretty sure it’s a nerve thing. I was told carpal tunnel but I doubt it.

Wrist brace helped me

I had carpal tunnel after having my son. Numbness and/or pain all day and night. Wearing the brace during the day helped but what really made a difference is when I bought the brace for sleeping. It helped me wake up with hands I could feel. Not numb.

I had this issue with my arms and legs due to very low iron and vitamin d!

Talk to your doctor also try blue emo its by the victor but it doesn’t get cold or hot and it has no smell I used it all the time ,I have carp. Tunnel myself n that seems to help

My husband had this actually. His arteries were clogging from poor diet and smoking. A change in diet made an incredible difference.

I have this problem now but I’m not pregnant. I get a 20 minute chair massage and it helps. My problem is a nerve though.

Yes two in my family. Have you not asked or told your OB dr.? They see it often and can explain to you .it goes,away as soon as baby is born.

Sounds like a pinched nerve. I would get some recommendations for a chiropractor. Or a neurologist.

Talk to your doctor.

Carpal tunnel. Had it with both children. And now have it after my kids from time to time.

I have this issue. I’ve had this issue for quite some time. What helps me, when it gets bad, is I have braces. I wear them when I sleep and even sometimes during the day if I’m not busy. You can try the braces. There are some exercises with your hands you can do that might help.