What causes numbness in toes?

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Have any other mommas had their big toes go numb after having your baby?? I had my son 7 months ago but my toes recently started going numb. Just my big toes. One is constant and the other is on and off. I had terrible lower back pain with sciatic pain while pregnant, which I still have some of now. I had the epidural during labor but had no complications. I’m wondering if any moms had this and got the epidural? Or had terrible back pain accompanied by the numbness? Thanks!

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I had this after I had my youngest. I never really asked my Dr about it or even thought about it being because of the epidural but it went away after a few weeks.

Your sciatica goes from your lower back down the outside of your leg and across to your big toe. I would look into a chiropractor.

4 more pp here and the last month my index finger and tip of my middle and thumb finger have been numb… Its not like completely numb i can feel it but I can’t if that makes sense…It hurts if i put too much pressure cause I cant feel it. I’ve got a doctors appt for the 30th to see whats going on among other things. I thought it was due to sleeping wrong and a pinched nerve in my shoulder but I no longer have that and its still the same if not has gotten worse…

Its more than likely nerve damage from the epidural. Ive got it. Over time it will more than likely get worse. Mine did.

Almost the entire bottom of my feet and tips of my toes have been numb since I had my son. My epidural hurt my back bad, it aches constantly and is so stiff I can barely bend over to pick something up. I never realized it could’ve caused my feet going numb till this post