What causes pain while 33-weeks-pregnant?

Needing some other moms experiences.
I’m not sure what’s going on ! I’m 33 weeks pregnant and I keep having incredible pain. It doesn’t come and go and they aren’t contractions. My OB said because of everything with my medical that I could go into labor at any point past 30 weeks but so far nothing points that it’ll happen soon. It’s a pressure kind of pain and I normally have a ridiculously high pain tolerance but this takes my breath away and nothing helps it :disappointed: any suggestions or similar experiences ?

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You need to go in and get checked out

Where is the pain? It could be something as simple as the baby stretching in a weird way or preeclampsia. I went into HELLP and had severe pain just below the right side of my rib cage. My liver was 3 times the normal size.

I would get a second opinion. Or go to the ER. They may be able to do an ultrasound and make sure everything is ok with the baby. Good luck!

It could be the way your baby is laying or that your baby is just big exp if you are a small framed woman… Id just have the dr check you out to be sure everything is ok other than tthat have you tried staying off your feet? Maybe lay on your side and see if you can get him/her to re position sometimes that helps… I had to be on bed rest from 6 months until i delivered but everything turned out just fine. Whenever you have any concerns its always best to be checked out always better safe than sorry… Good luck and i hope the pain eases up for you…

I had really bad back pain around 32 weeks. They didn’t come and go and I turned out to be having contractions every 3 minutes without me even knowing… I would get checked out

Try getting on your hands and knees for a little while to see if you can get a little relief. Hot baths too

U should call labor and delivery…they will most likely want you to go in… Be safe then sorry…