What causes periods to be worse after giving birth?

I’m six months postpartum after a planned c-section, so no pushing at all. I am now having my fourth period (ugh), and the flow seems to be getting heavier and heavier with each period. It was not this bad pre-pregnancy. I know heavy bleeding is normal after giving birth but is it normal for it to not only still be happening, but also for it to be getting even worse? Help!


Idk but after I had my oldest vaginally, my periods were still the same as before I was pregnant. After I had my c section with my youngest, they’ve been very heavy. It was like that all the way until I made it 1 year into having the arm implant birth control which I didn’t get until several months after my c section. We’ll see how my periods look once I get this birth control removed soon. :woman_shrugging:t2:

My first period after my 3rd c section was normal but the month after that one it was heavy. I didn’t freak out cause I heard it might be because my tubal ligation.

After my second, my periods were super heavy (never had been ever in my life) but now almost 3 years later they are mostly back to normal!

After my second csection it was like that too after a while it it’s kind of back to the way it used to be.

Bro I don’t know but I gave birth to my 10 pound son in December 2017 and my periods are worse now than they’ve been my whole life.

My periods after having kids were worse than they were before I had kids. I ended up having to get back on birth control to calm them down.

Mine was like that after my c section the first few times and I had a tubal ligation. They are better now, lighter and shorter. I’m almost 9 months PP

Mine are worse after children

Your body is still adjusting a year-2 postpartum, your hormones are still getting back in balance, it takes your body a while to fully heal. Then there’s the percentage of women who just are different in a lot of ways after a pregnancy… It’s not everyone but it’s also not uncommon. Once I had a baby I could never use a tampon again, still can’t to this day🤷‍♀️ It just makes me cramp to the point I’m damn near unproductive altogether so I just don’t try anymore. Also you have to acknowledge that periods do change just with age so you had a baby but you’re also getting older as well… Again, it’s nothing uncommon. I would talk with my care team any time you notice any changes about yourself of course and I very much do bring these things up in my own appts but yes my periods are completely different today than they used to be when I was younger.

Probably hormones. My kid is 3 and my period are heavy and painful. Not debilitating but enough to annoy me.

Call your doctor and ask them to check your iron levels. I had this issue after i had my son and i mentioned that i was having restless leg symptoms and my periods were extremely and heavy and she immediately said your iron is low!