What causes pink discharge in pregnancy?


I’m 18 weeks 2 days today. Last night I went to the bathroom and peed, when I wiped there was about a quarter size of pink mucusy looking discharge, wiped again there was a little there too. So of course I freaked. (I remember having this with my last child and she was fine but still) a couple hours later, went back to the bathroom and had nothing… same with this morning. I have cramps every so often but they arent bad nor constant. So I assumed it’s just my body stretching… should I worry? I go for my 20 week on the 20th of this month. Thanks!!


Better to be checked out than not- I’d call your doctor.

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DON’T wait get it out LIKE RIGHT NOW

With my third child. I lost my mucus plug over and over again throughout my pregnancy. Tell your doctor to check you. But it’s probably fine.

Call your OB and describe everything. They will likely have you in to get checker to be safe.

Your obviously worried so get checked. X

It’s normal. Babies stretching and growing and causes all sorts of pain

I had this happen with my twins could be some or all of ur.mucous plug. Call ur ob

Honestly, I would call your doctor and schedule a quick check up.

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Yes make an app get it checked out to be safe

It never hurts to check with a doctor just to ease your mind. I’m sure it’s fine though. I had cramps with both my boys and the light pink is probably from your uterus stretching or part of the mucus plug.

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I would call your Dr. Sounds like your mucus plug and you are definitely way to early to be loosing it already! Call your doc asap.

just a mucus plug. your fine

Pink discharge can occur during any trimester, especially if you recently had sex as that can cause some irritation and bleeding. But if something doesnt feel right it’s always best to at least call and check or get in if you want. No point waiting if you are just going to increase your stress levels until your next appointment.


You should call your dr and let them know what’s going on and let them make the call to tell you it’s fine or not

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:broken_heart: when that happened to me, not much longer later I went to the bathroom but that time I lost a whole glob in the toilet. I tried to get it out of the toilet out of panic. My husband flushed the toilet and said everything was fine. The pain sent me to the hospital. They never found my baby inside me again. I was 12 weeks at the time and had already been confirmed pregnant at 8 wks. I was devastated to know I flushed my baby that miscarried. I hope that’s not the case for you. Even in early stages, a baby loss can be devastating. Praying for you.


Sounds like mucus plug, but your mucus plug can be lost and regrow multiple times in pregnancy!! Stay clear of baths until you’re Abel to get checked put by your Dr and tell them what’s going on. If you’re really worried then call and ask

No it could have been your mucus plug but it will replace itself…I lost parts of mine a couple different times with each of my 3 pregnancies and had no issues. Obviously if there’s blood or bad cramping then go to the ER but I wouldn’t be worried at this point

I hate when people say the mucus plug replaces it’s self . Idk if that’s true or not but I’d get checked. I always read that and so with my second pregnancy when I started loosing mine around 16 weeks I didn’t think much about it. And then two days later the labor pains started and I lost my baby . I regret every day not getting checked


Sounds like round ligament pain for the cramping. Light pink is considered normal. I had full out bleeding at 15 weeks and thought I was miscarrying it was just blood clot and baby was born healthy at 38 weeks. Doesn’t hurt to call the doctor.

With my first baby i d the same t hing it was my bones, stretching

Likely mucous plug but its alwaya best to be safe and see your ob